No. 1620
October 8th, 2008

Time for an Official Comment Policy on Mihmorandum

Hey readers,

As more and more people start to engage with my blog, I want to put this out there so everyone is aware of it.  I feel the need to set down in writing my policy on comments.

The Official Mihmorandum Comment Policy

  • Comments will be published immediately as soon as you hit submit, i.e. not moderated.
  • I reserve the right to edit comments for any offensive material (hasn’t happened yet).
  • I reserve the right to delete comments that say things like “First!” or other lame, one- or two-word comments that don’t contribute to the discussion (has only happened once to-date; commenter immediately re-posted a valuable comment).
  • I reserve the right to edit the name (i.e. the anchor text) under which you submit your comment.

I am a DOFOLLOW blog, and proud to be one.  I am happy to have as many people comment as many times as they desire on all of my posts.  I believe in giving readers credit for engaging with my content, and other readers of this blog.

But the point of commenting on this blog shall not be to improve one’s search engine rankings for high-value keywords.  Personal profile building for your own name is just fine, but including unnecessary product or service keywords about what your business does, makes, or sells will not be tolerated.

Thanks for understanding, and please feel free to email me if you have any concerns at