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No. 262
April 15th, 2009

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Generic Authoritative OneBox Spotted In The Wild

Wow. Just doing some research for my upcoming Search Engine Land article next week. Came across one of the cooler things I’ve seen in awhile. After the discovery a couple weeks ago that Google has begun to show Local results on generic phrases, I suppose this should come as no surprise. But it is pretty damn cool.

Search: banner kites


Looks something like the branded OneBox Google was trying out awhile back…but WAY more potent on generic keywords.

I think this could become the new gold standard for Local SEO.

  • Nice find. I’ve got one of those for one business. The branding authoritative mini 1-map is new. It also shows on the 2nd listing as with the one above. In my case the traffic was always there. Its cool.

  • I had a quick 2nd thought about this after commenting and rereading. If you recall, in late 2007 and rolling into early 2008 there was a bit of a hubbub about an authoritative 1 box for the phrase..”Denver Flowers”. A Denver florist with that business name was consistently commenting in Google groups for business owners. The issues were picked up and discussed at Mike’s blog and also in the “local section” at seorefugee forum.

    The drama played out in that the phrase…”denver florist” could be interpreted to reflect a search for a particular florist and or a general search for any florist in Denver….and in this particular case…not only did one florist get the 1 box for a popular search phrase….(oh the pain and the irony)…the florist who got it….did not have the business name…Denver Florist.

    In any case…there are still large authoritative one-boxes for various search phrases and business terms that might either represent a single business in a city or could alternatively represent a search for that generic business service in the city. So long as the large authoritative one box exists it sucks up all the search traffic….even as searchers may be looking for several or any of the businesses/services that exist in the city…(i.e. I want to call any florist/flower store in Denver to deliver flowers to my mum..;) ).

    In order to better service the public…I think Google should take those large authoritative one boxes in such areas where the searchers intent is not clear….and convert them to these mini one boxes as in the example above.

    :D…..just my $0.02


  • If I’m reading this right, my business has a ‘1 Box’ with 3 varying entries for me.

    Avanti Computer services:

    I have multiple websites, and have tried to tell Googal Local my marker should be further East than they say.