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SEO for Local Businesses: Expertise from a Local SEO Specialist

Statistics from Google & Bing

You’re here already, so hopefully you’re already convinced of the value of local search. But just in case you’re not yet fully convinced…

– 20% of all desktop queries demonstrate local intent
50% of all queries are mobile
50% of all mobile queries demonstrate local intent

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Why Local Search?

Audience Size

Taken together, the statistics suggest roughly one out of every three search engine queries has the potential to showcase local businesses.  In the most recent year Google reported its annual search volume (2014), it recorded over 2 trillion searches, meaning somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 billion local searches were performed around the globe.


In the United States, Google reports that one out of every four internet users performs a local search daily. I’m happy to know that I’m not the only American who’s become completely addicted to local search.

Purchase Intent

Local searchers are also targeted searchers — not only do they know what product or service they’re looking for, but they’re looking for it in a particular area.  And if they’re searching on their mobile device, there’s an immediacy factor which makes their chances of converting to a customer increase even further.

Maximizing Your Local Search Rankings

It takes a consultant specialized in Local SEO, like myself, to bring about maximum rankings in local search results. Your website must work in concert with all the other components of your digital equity in order to bring in traffic from customers searching for the products or services that you offer.

The expertise of practitioners like me who advocate a cohesive, comprehensive online marketing strategy, rather than simply chasing Google’s algorithm from update-to-update, becomes that much more valuable.

My Search Engine Marketing Services for Small Businesses

$300 Hourly Consultations

I’ll review whatever components of your search engine marketing that you’d like me to review, for however much time you’d like me to review them. Anything from your Google Place Page to your website architecture, keyword research to user-generated content ideas—or, if you don’t actually know what you need help with, I’ll take a quick look and provide a more comprehensive strategy as part of a complete audit of your online presence (see below).

Complete Website Audits

Most small business owners who come to me for help don’t actually realize that their website is literally just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to success in online marketing. It’s an important foundation, but in this era of Local results for so many fantastic keywords, if you really want to rank well long-term, you’ve got to look at so many factors beyond what you control.

So although this offering is titled a “website audit,” it’s more of an “online presence audit.” I’ll take a look at ALL of the important factors for ranking small businesses in search results, including:

  • Keyword research to bring in the largest number of customers as opposed to just visitors
  • Comprehensive site architecture review, including page hierarchy and internal linking strategies
  • 1:1 Title Tag/Meta Description keyword targeting for your most critical pages
  • Specific advice for optimizing contact / location pages
  • Optimization of Google Place Page and Bing Local Profile including category selection
  • Comprehensive review of the major citation players in your niche
  • Data management across several key aggregators and Internet Yellow Pages Sites
  • Additional organic optimization to maximize location “scent”
  • Recommendations for linkbuilding, especially with authoritative and/or local sources
  • Recommendations for a strategic customer review campaign
  • Proper structuring of Google Analytics account for most relevant location-related insights

“Our small firm was quickly receiving client contact which related into bottom line revenue that easily exceeded 10X the original web site investment. I recommend David 100 percent to any firm considering web site optimization and enhancement.”

–Scott Stone, AEGIS Realty Partners

Satisfied Clients

Although my rates are pretty pricey ($300/hr), you typically get what you pay for when it comes to SEO.

  • I personally complete all consultations–not a junior employee or a new trainee
  • I’m one of only a handful of experts who truly understand Google’s Local algorithm
  • I do not believe in retainers because most valuable work in small business SEO can be done up front
  • I consult for true small businesses and understand their time and budget constraints

But don’t take my word for it.  Hear from just a few of my past and current clients.

Why I Love Working with Small Business Clients on Local SEO

The Yellow Pages are on life support, and are about to be disconnected.

Unless your business caters to an elderly or downscale demographic, the Yellow Pages are far from your most effective form of advertising. A huge percentage of the population has 24-hour Internet access, and as the internet–and especially the number of mobile devices connected to the internet–continues to flourish, more and more people will turn to it when they look for local businesses and services. Now is the time to expand and target your web presence.

Ad agencies are a rip-off for small and medium-sized businesses.

I should know, I used to work at one. While the number of account, creative, and production staff is entirely necessary to keep advertising on track for Fortune 500 companies, someone has to pay for all that overhead.

And many agencies have been slow to recognize the importance of Search Engine Optimization, if they’ve recognized it at all. And I can safely say that no digital marketing agency has the specialized expertise in Local SEO that I do.

While pricey, my $300 hourly consulting is a far more efficient use of time and money than a retainer paid to a larger, less-focused agency.

There’s room for everyone on the Internet.

So many small businesses seem to think that they can’t afford a good internet presence, or that their bigger, stronger competitors hold too many advantages when it comes to internet advertising. Nothing could be further from the truth. While the web sites of large companies typically have tremendous link popularity, and higher PageRank, it’s rare that each one of the hundreds or thousands of pages on those sites will be keyword optimized or properly structured. Meaning your business has a perfect window of opportunity to jump in there for your product or service.