Get more customers from organic and local search with a defensible, long-term competitive advantage.

What you get

20 years of SEO experience; 15 years of experience specifically in local search

A better understanding of the search landscape (and how to win it) than your competitors.

Our engagement won’t be my first rodeo, or even my hundredth. I’ve worked with local search clients of all sizes in just about every industry, which gives me a unique understanding of the true competitive set for your target keywords, and how Google evaluates that competitive set.

Insulation from, and patience around, every minor algorithmic shift Google makes.

As a leading analyst of local search since the inception of the 10-pack in 2008, I have a deep appreciation for the arc of Google’s corporate strategy, how that impacts their algorithmic and in-SERP decisions, and what those decisions mean for your specific business.

Advice that actually works and moves you up the SERPs.

Unlike less-experienced consultants and generalist agencies, I have the circumspection to take Google’s advice to webmasters with a grain of salt: I know when to trust and when to test. What’s in Google’s interest may not be in your marketing interest.

Save time, money, and headache by fixing your biggest problems and working on realistic opportunities that will actually make a difference.

What you get

Rigorous prioritization of an entrepreneur and product manager

A realistic assessment of your current presence and opportunities for improvement that are actually achievable.

I’ve built two SaaS products from the ground up (GetListed and Tidings) and led growth strategy for another (ThriveHive). These experiences have ingrained an intense focus on the highest-impact tactics that require the lowest level of effort.

Needle-moving priorities that won’t have you wasting time on irrelevant, low-value tactics.

I’ll bring this same focus to my recommendations and guidance for your company, whether I’m helping you execute a comprehensive digital roadmap or auditing a singular issue.

While I initially approach every client engagement using the same rigorous framework, if your particular situation doesn’t fit that approach, I won’t try to force a square peg into a round hole. This isn’t always the case with medium-sized or large agencies.

Get peace of mind that you’ve got one of the best in the business as a second set of eyes and augmentation of your team.

What you get

Direct access to a true local search expert

Advice comes directly from an expert, not someone learning on the job.

I’m a one-person shop. There are no account managers or junior-level SEO specialists performing your work or running your questions up the flagpole.

Every new project request, email, or DM goes right to yours truly for immediate response.