Local Search Strategy for a U.S. Top 100 Retail Brand

(Confidential Client)

From this client:
No one knows the world of Local Search like David Mihm. From broad marketing strategies to the nitty-gritty tactical details, David’s expert knowledge and experience in the field yields tremendous results for his clients. Smart, personable, and a savvy communicator, David is able to translate his expertise and research into language suitable for search marketing practitioners as well as their leadership. I’d gladly do business with David again in the future.

–J.C., Program Manager

I was really pleased to receive an RFP from the SEO Program Manager for this company, which is one of the few national brand stores I actually shop at regularly.

The company grosses over $3 billion in annual revenues from over 100 stores nationwide, and although the client was extremely savvy on both the organic and paid search fronts, at the time of our engagement they hadn’t yet developed a comprehensive strategy to address their Local search results.

I advised them on:
– Maximizing their Local rankings for their most profitable niches
– Ensuring maximum location scent for local organic results
– Direct data feed management for their 100+ locations
– Maximizing ROI for top selling products on a per-market basis, based on Analytics data
– Engaging their fanatical community members in a strategic review process
– Suggesting additional ideas for geo-tagged user-generated content campaigns
– Minor technical adjustments to their store location pages

Local Search Strategy for a UK Electronics Brand

(Confidential Client)

From this client:
At [redacted], we understand the value of local search, not just from an SEO angle but also the benefits to both business and customers in enabling the easy finding of local stores so when it came to looking for an ‘expert’ to assist with the creation of a local search roadmap for the business, there was only one choice and that was David Mihm.

David proved his reputation as well earned by providing us with a list of actions that we could implement to ensure that our local search strategy was both inline with current algorithms and ahead of our competitors.

In addition to his in-depth knowledge of the local space, David also proved himself to be a pleasure to work with and we would have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone looking to improve their local presence.

–Caroline B., SEO Lead at [redacted]

As a serious Anglo-, Hiberno-, and Caledoniophile, it was truly a pleasure to work with this company. I’ve traveled extensively in the UK and Ireland, and frankly, I’d love to take on more clients on the other side of the pond.

The reason? When it comes to Local Search, the UK/Irish market is probably 3-5 years behind the US. This opens up some really exciting possibilities, particularly for companies who can scale across tens or hundreds of locations.

Here’s what I did for them:
– Comprehensive review of the major citation players in their niche vertical
– Tailoring Analytics to present the most accurate picture of the markets that need work in Local Search
– Optimizing Google Business Profiles for higher conversion rates
– Comprehensive site architecture and location page recommendations
– Offline marketing initiatives that would dovetail with a strategic customer review campaign
– Advice on affiliate strategies for Local Search