Local Search Strategy and Execution for Oregon’s Top-Ranked Hospital and Children’s Hospital System


From this client:
On a personal note, [I] wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for OHSU. You have been an extraordinary partner in our work, and I have really valued learning from you. For what it’s worth, your insights and your efforts have made a real and tangible difference in the ability of Oregonians to connect with OHSU. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for the state.

–Eric Switzer, Associate Vice President, Brand Strategy and Marketing, Oregon Health & Science University

OHSU has been the most complex–and most rewarding–client I’ve ever worked with. As the largest hospital system in the state, with an ever-growing network of primary care and specialty care facilities and new classes of residents joining and graduating all the time, managing OHSU’s locations on Google My Business could be a full-time job in and of itself.

But as with many large organizations, simply tracking down accurate, authoritative internal data around how to represent these locations is an essential prerequisite for success.

I’m proud to have worked with OHSU since 2017 to curate and validate this data as part of its Project to Inform Local Search Strategy. Together with OHSU’s Digital Engagement team, we’re helping patients find accurate, complete information for their doctors and medical clinics no matter what device or source they’re using.

And we’re also helping to educate key internal decision-makers and true medical experts about the digital patient journey along the way, helping more patients find the best medical care in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Local Search Strategy for a Nationwide Medical Practice

One Medical

From this client:
David helped One Medical Group understand the largest drivers for ranking well in Local Search. As a group of doctor’s offices, we are obviously deliver a very local product, and ranking well on the search engines has a huge impact on our business. David’s knowledge about Local SEO is second to none, and he was able to share insights and actionable recommendations that have helped us improve our online presence.

–Todd S., Director of Online Marketing, One Medical Group

One Medical is an innovative doctors’ group with locations in 3 U.S. markets at the time I worked with them, and is constantly expanding into other markets (they’re now up to 116 and continuing to expand).

I advised them on:
– Keyword targeting on a regional / metro area basis
– Keyword targeting at the individual office level for maximum coverage in each market, and minimal overlap
– Site architecture that maximizes breadth of expertise
– Maximizing both location and category “scent” on individual doctor profile pages
– Key citation players in the medical vertical
– Ongoing messaging to engage patients in the review process
– A scalable, forward-looking strategy as they expand into additional markets

Local Search Consultation for a Regional Children’s Hospital

Seattle Children’s Hospital

From this client:
David Mihm provided invaluable advice on optimizing our local listings. Seattle Children’s Hospital had some unique local search challenges with multiple locations, departments and contacts, as well as a brand name change. David skillfully steered us passed the obstacles of local search and helped clean up some historic, outdated information from external online sources. Additionally, David is a genuinely nice guy and a pleasure to work with.

–Gerard Gravallese, SEO Specialist

Mike Blumenthal and I teamed up to help Seattle Children’s Hospital with its Local data problem. If you search for “Seattle Children’s Hospital” you either want Google/Bing to return the main switchboard or the emergency room. If you search for a specific department (say, “pediatric oncology”) you want them to return the number for that department. Seems simple enough, right?

But the complexity of the Local Search Ecosystem is such that Google and Bing aren’t very good about figuring out either primary lines, department lines, or individual doctors’ lines at a large medical group like Seattle Children’s.

Mike and I walked them through a process that we hope has led to faster connections for sick kids and their parents to the appropriate doctors in Seattle.