Local Search Campaign for a Nationally-Recognized Private University

(Confidential Client)

From this client:
David has guided us through the Byzantine complexities of Google [Business Profiles]. Together we’ve created more than 20 Google [Business] listings. Those campaigns have produced 75 directly-attributable inquiries in the last eight months.

We’ve increased our visibility in local search (more than 40,000 impressions a month) and have tracked more than 3,700 visits to our site during that time.

David’s ability to rank his own business highly sold me. His great service and great results keeps me as a customer.

–R.F., Marketing Director

A highly-regarded private university with multiple campuses and schools of study hired me for an extended Local Search optimization campaign. At the time, it was a unique opportunity for me.

The school’s Marketing Director and I had several conversations about his university’s “business goals” in terms of the types of students they were trying to recruit, programs that needed the most help, and other miscellaneous issues they’d been having with their Google Business Profiles. After analyzing their existing Google Analytics and Ads keyword data to identify areas to build on their existing successes, as well as areas of opportunity, we developed a customized strategy, including:

– Optimized site architecture and on-page keyword targeting
– Citation analysis
– Structured submission of multiple locations to key directories in the education niche
– Place page optimization including category selection
– Local/Social media opportunities
– Ongoing monitoring of Place pages for maximum impact and consolidation of duplicate listings

The results have been positive, particularly given the high “margin” on a typical prospect conversion for higher education.