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Local Search Engine Optimization Client Case Studies + Testimonials

A Few Words About Who I Work With

On a personal note, [I] wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for OHSU. You have been an extraordinary partner in our work, and I have really valued learning from you. For what it’s worth, your insights and your efforts have made a real and tangible difference in the ability of Oregonians to connect with OHSU. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for the state.

–Eric Switzer, Associate Vice President, Brand Strategy and Marketing, Oregon Health & Science University

The selected case studies below are a good representation of the kinds of clients I’m looking to work with on future engagements–namely:

+ Any business with at least one brick-and-mortar location for a Local SEO engagement of any scope
+ National and regional brands on a comprehensive Local SEO strategy
+ (By extension, white label consulting services for agencies who service the above)

If your company or group is looking for any of the above, please feel free to send me an email.

Although I practice strictly “white hat,” ethical search engine optimization techniques, for a number of reasons, some clients prefer to keep our relationship completely confidential. However, I can share a few case studies (some anonymized, some not) and verbal testimonials below.



Enterprise Brands

Local Search Strategy and Execution for Oregon’s Top-Ranked Hospital and Children’s Hospital System

On a personal note, [I] wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for OHSU. You have been an extraordinary partner in our work, and I have really valued learning from you. For what it’s worth, your insights and your efforts have made a real and tangible difference in the ability of Oregonians to connect with OHSU. I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for the state.

–Eric Switzer, Associate Vice President, Brand Strategy and Marketing, Oregon Health & Science University

OHSU has been the most complex–and most rewarding–client I’ve ever worked with. As the largest hospital system in the state, with an ever-growing network of primary care and specialty care facilities and new classes of residents joining and graduating all the time, managing OHSU’s locations on Google My Business could be a full-time job in and of itself.

But as with many large organizations, simply tracking down accurate, authoritative internal data around how to represent these locations is an essential prerequisite for success.

I’m proud to have worked with OHSU since 2017 to curate and validate this data as part of its Project to Inform Local Search Strategy. Together with OHSU’s Digital Engagement team, we’re helping patients find accurate, complete information for their doctors and medical clinics no matter what device or source they’re using.

And we’re also helping to educate key internal decision-makers and true medical experts about the digital patient journey along the way, helping more patients find the best medical care in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Local Search Strategy for an Enterprise Medical Practice

From this client:
David helped One Medical Group understand the largest drivers for ranking well in Local Search. As a group of doctor’s offices, we are obviously deliver a very local product, and ranking well on the search engines has a huge impact on our business. David’s knowledge about Local SEO is second to none, and he was able to share insights and actionable recommendations that have helped us improve our online presence.

–Todd S., Director of Online Marketing, One Medical Group

One Medical is an innovative doctors’ group with locations in 3 U.S. markets at the time I worked with them, and is constantly expanding into other markets (they’re now up to 9 and continuing to expand).

I advised them on:
– Keyword targeting on a regional / metro area basis
– Keyword targeting at the individual office level for maximum coverage in each market, and minimal overlap
– Site architecture that maximizes breadth of expertise
– Maximizing both location and category “scent” on individual doctor profile pages
– Key citation players in the medical vertical
– Ongoing messaging to engage patients in the review process
– A scalable, forward-looking strategy as they expand into additional markets

Local Search Consultation for a Regional Children’s Hospital

From this client:
David Mihm provided invaluable advice on optimizing our local listings. Seattle Children’s Hospital had some unique local search challenges with multiple locations, departments and contacts, as well as a brand name change. David skillfully steered us passed the obstacles of local search and helped clean up some historic, outdated information from external online sources. Additionally, David is a genuinely nice guy and a pleasure to work with.

–Gerard Gravallese, SEO Specialist

Mike Blumenthal and I teamed up to help Seattle Children’s Hospital with its Local data problem. If you search for “Seattle Children’s Hospital” you either want Google/Bing to return the main switchboard or the emergency room. If you search for a specific department (say, “pediatric oncology”) you want them to return the number for that department. Seems simple enough, right?

But the complexity of the Local Search Ecosystem is such that Google and Bing aren’t very good about figuring out either primary lines, department lines, or individual doctors’ lines at a large medical group like Seattle Children’s.

Mike and I walked them through a process that we hope has led to faster connections for sick kids and their parents to the appropriate doctors in Seattle.

Local Search Campaign for a Private University

From this client:
David has guided us through the Byzantine complexities of Google Places. Together we’ve created more than 20 Google Places listings. Those campaigns have produced 75 directly-attributable inquiries in the last eight months.

We’ve increased our visibility in local search (more than 40,000 impressions a month) and have tracked more than 3,700 visits to our site during that time.

David’s ability to rank his own business highly sold me. His great service and great results keeps me as a customer.

–R.F., Marketing Director

A highly-regarded private university with multiple campuses and schools of study recently hired me for an extended Local Search optimization campaign. At the time, it was a unique opportunity for me, not having executed a Local Search campaign in a non-business-focused space prior to this engagement.

The school’s Marketing Director and I had several conversations about his university’s “business goals” in terms of the types of students they were trying to recruit, programs that needed the most help, and other miscellaneous issues they’d been having with Google Places. After analyzing their existing Google Analytics and Adwords keyword data to identify areas to build on their existing successes, as well as areas of opportunity, we developed a customized strategy, including:

– Optimized site architecture and on-page keyword targeting
– Citation analysis
– Structured submission of multiple locations to key directories in the education niche
– Place page optimization including category selection
– Local/Social media opportunities
– Ongoing monitoring of Place pages for maximum impact and consolidation of duplicate listings

The results have been positive, particularly given the high “margin” on a typical prospect conversion for higher education.

Local Search Campaign for a National Professional Service Company

Results (Year-over-Year):
– 589% increase in number of visits from search to location pages
– 740% increase in total number of location pageviews
– 22% decrease in overall bounce rate from location pages

A major digital media firm with considerable expertise in interactive marketing strategy and design, as well as online media planning and management, brought me on in late 2009 to assist with strategic planning on execution of a local search marketing strategy for one of its clients. Local Search was an area outside their core competency and the need for local search expertise for this particular client–a well-known professional service company with nearly 7,000 locations across the United States–was critical.

Prior to engaging me, their overall percentage of traffic from local search was nearly nil, and their significant competition outpaced them in nearly every one of their most important markets.

I conducted a thorough audit of their existing local search presence, and assisted the client with:

– Optimized Store Locator architecture
– Optimized location pages for each franchise on corporate website for both ranking and visitor conversion
– Verification of Google My Business bulk upload
– Data management across several key aggregators and IYPs
– Organic optimization to maximize location “scent” of each franchise
– Proper structuring of Google Analytics account for most relevant location-related insights
– Ongoing analysis

Worldwide Local SEO Audit + Strategy for an International Luxury Hotel Brand

From this client:

Local search is very important in our vertical, both from an SEO and from a consumer perspective. It is however a complex and ever changing area, which requires expert advice and in-depth specialised knowledge.

David is one of the nicest and most knowledgeable professionals I have had the pleasure to do business with. He provided us with valuable insights, exceeded our expectations and helped us setting priorities and devise a workable action plan. He is a true expert, but at the same time, able to “translate” his advice and expertise into easily understandable recommendations. I would not hesitate to recommend David to anyone looking for local search consultancy and we will definitely engage him again, as we move forward with our plans.

–Barbara Pezzi, Director of Analytics & Search Optimization at Fairmont Raffles Hotels International

I thoroughly enjoyed my initial engagement with Barbara and her team at Fairmont Raffles Hotels International–so much so that we continue to work together on periodic checkups and investigations.

Global Local SEO is incredibly complex.  At scale it can even be difficult to identify which locations need help, let alone actually help them.

Here’s what I did for FRHI on our initial engagement:
– Review of Google SERP presence to identify locations with data confusion or suboptimal visibility.
– Brief audit of FRHI’s three location finders.
– Market-by-market analysis of citation strength of each property in their portfolio.
– Comprehensive review of the major location data players in the hospitality space. (While North America is fairly obvious, a number of key, market-specific players have popped up in emerging markets like the Middle East, Africa, and China.)
– Review acquisition recommendations to improve rankings and conversion.

Local Search Strategy for a UK Electronics Brand

From this client:
At Phones 4u, we understand the value of local search, not just from an SEO angle but also the benefits to both business and customers in enabling the easy finding of local stores so when it came to looking for an ‘expert’ to assist with the creation of a local search roadmap for the business, there was only one choice and that was David Mihm.

David proved his reputation as well earned by providing us with a list of actions that we could implement to ensure that our local search strategy was both inline with current algorithms and ahead of our competitors.

In addition to his in-depth knowledge of the local space, David also proved himself to be a pleasure to work with and we would have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone looking to improve their local presence.

–Caroline Bell, SEO Lead at Phones 4u (now Phone@)

As a serious Anglo- and Caledoniophile, it was truly a pleasure to work with this company in 2011. I actually spent two months traveling around England and Scotland in April and May of that year, and frankly, I’d love to take on more UK clients. The reason? When it comes to Local Search, the UK market is probably 2-3 years behind the US…but in my anecdotal experience, smartphone penetration seems far greater. This opens up some really exciting possibilities, particularly for companies who can scale across tens or hundreds of locations.

But I digress. This particular company generates approximately ÂŁ1 billion in annual revenue from both online and in-store sales at nearly 500 retail locations across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Here’s what I did for them:
– Comprehensive review of the major citation players in their niche vertical
– Tailoring Analytics to present the most accurate picture of the markets that need work in Local Search
– Optimizing Place Pages for higher conversion rates
– Comprehensive site architecture and location page recommendations
– Offline marketing initiatives that would dovetail with a strategic customer review campaign
– Advice on affiliate strategies for Local Search

Local Search Strategy for a U.S. Top 100 Retail Brand

From this client:
No one knows the world of Local Search like David Mihm. From broad marketing strategies to the nitty-gritty tactical details, David’s expert knowledge and experience in the field yields tremendous results for his clients. Smart, personable, and a savvy communicator, David is able to translate his expertise and research into language suitable for search marketing practitioners as well as their leadership. I’d gladly do business with David again in the future.

–J.C., Program Manager

I was really pleased to receive an RFP from the SEO Program Manager for this company, which is one of the few national brand stores I actually shop at regularly.

The company grosses over $1.5 billion in annual revenues from over 100 stores nationwide, and although the client was extremely savvy on both the organic and paid search fronts, they hadn’t yet developed a comprehensive strategy to address their Local and Mobile search results.

I advised them on:
– Maximizing their Google Places rankings for their most profitable niches
– Ensuring maximum location trust for Blended search results
– Direct data feed management for their 100+ locations
– Maximizing ROI for top selling products on a per-market basis, based on Analytics data
– Engaging their fanatical community members in a strategic review process
– Suggesting additional ideas for geo-tagged user-generated content campaigns
– Minor technical adjustments to their store location pages

SEO for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

I am extremely selective about my small business clients these days, and for 90%+ of the businesses who contact me, I actually recommend they work with a (usually cheaper) full-service agency if they’re in need of substantial ongoing services. If, however, you’re primarily interested in an audit or roadmap, and you have the internal resources to execute it, please get in touch.

As far as consulting goes, as I said at the top of the page, I’m happy to engage with any business with a brick-and-mortar location, for almost any amount of time (I consult in blocks as small as 15-minutes). Whether you’ve got a specific question about ranking one location in Google’s local and mobile results, or need help with a more comprehensive strategy for long-term search engine success, please shoot me an email.

See what some of my clients say below:

Key Stat

Cost of printing catalogs after dramatic increase in internet sales.

Custom Logo Company

David understands that people have very limited time in which to shop for their needs online, and he designs sites that are intuitive, direct and helpful in getting information quickly and efficiently. Custom Logo recommends David without reservation for web projects of any size or complexity.

–James R. Smith, President & CEO, Custom Logo Company

Key Stat

Return on investment in implementation of SEO strategy.

Creekside Environmental Consulting

We hired David Mihm about 3 years ago to re-design our website. We wanted a more professional presentation and increased exposure to potential new clients who use search engines like Our total billings since the re-design have increased by about 30%, due largely to David’s efforts. I’d recommend David to anyone who is considering a website modification or search engine optimization.

–Brent Jorgensen, Owner/Principal, Creekside Environmental Consulting

Key Stat

Number of years with same client.

Matt Heafey, Residential Realtor

David is a wonderful web resource. I have been working with David for six years and he has single handedly increased my business through the web. He is bright, innovative, and an incredible hidden asset.

–Matt Heafey, Residential Realtor, Piedmont, CA

Key Stat

Number of days for acquisition of new customer after implementing recommendations.

J. Rollins Art of Framing

Hi David, Just want you to know that a new great customer walked into the shop today with 6 photos to frame. When I asked him where he heard about me from, he said my web site! He looked yesterday and actually printed out the home page and brought it with him. He said that he thought the look and feel was right for him!!! Our first customer with your work, Thought you might like to know, pretty immediate, THANKKS oxo

–Joanne Rollins, Proprietor, J. Rollins Art of Framing

Key Stat

Return on investment in SEO strategy.

AEGIS Realty Partners

My partner and I run a boutique commercial real estate firm. Our clients rely on our market expertise and confidence. These are two qualities we found with David Mihm’s firm as well. David successfully ranked our firm incredibly high on Google within a few short months. Our small firm was quickly receiving client contact which related into bottom line revenue that easily exceeded 10X the original web site investment. I recommend David 100 percent to any firm considering web site optimization and enhancement.

–Scott Stone, Principal, AEGIS Realty

Key Stat

Percentage increase in website inquiries after working with David.

MVP Financial Equipment

It was a pleasure working with David Mihm on the revamping of our website. With little direction from our first meeting, he came back to us with great ideas. These were soon implemented and optimized for the search engines. I would estimate that our website inquiries have quadrupled since the launch of the new site. We would definitely recommend him to others.

–Todd Davies, MVP Financial Equipment

Multi-Location West Coast Law Firm

Our law firm has been very successful in our online marketing efforts, but we wanted to kick it up a notch. We sought out David based on his reputation as being an expert in local search. His “online presence audit” has been immensely valuable in providing immediate impact action items as well as ongoing task lists designed to maximize the return on our marketing investment. I recommend David highly.

–R.J,, Managing Partner


Praise from SEO and Online Marketing Peers

As cutthroat as many technology spaces are these days, I am blessed to be working in such a tight-knit community, with so many smart and ethical peers. It is a privilege to get their participation in my annual Local Search Ranking Factors survey each year.

While I can assure you there is no quid-pro-quo going on, some of them have said some very nice things about me that I’m happy to share below:

“David Mihm is one of the most respected names in Local SEO in Portland and nationally. He brings a deep understanding, incredible focus, client centric attitude and hard work to the process and understanding of local search. I have worked with David on both research and client projects and I can say that there is no one that I would rather work with in the industry.”

–Mike Blumenthal, Understanding Google Maps / GatherUp


“David is consistently at the top of the list of SEO consultants who can speak with authority on the subject of local search engine optimization. I would completely trust putting my site in his hands.”

–Andrew Shotland, Local SEO Guide


While it is David’s job to be a trusted partner to local businesses, he is certainly a trusted business partner to Microsoft. David has great, in-depth knowledge of the online advertising and local market, and myself as well as others at Bing considered it a true privilege to work with him.

— Mikko Ollila, Senior (Local) Product Manager, Microsoft


“David is one of the top minds in local SEO. His Local Search Ranking Factors is still one of the best resources in the industry, and he’s the first person I go to when I can’t decipher what Google is up to on the local level.”

–Dr. Pete Meyers, Mozcast


David Mihm is a Local SEO Rockstar! He’s not only super smart but incredibly personable and he is very generous with his time in supporting the search marketing community in Portland and beyond. His “Local Search Marketing Factors” is the bible of Local SEO.”

–Todd Mintz, Position2


“David can explain local search theory and tactics better than anyone I know. His ability to bring this space to the masses has proved that he is one of the leading experts in the local SEO field. I have had the opportunity to work with David on client work and also in a conference setting and can say that no one will ever be more dedicated at bringing top level local knowledge to the table than him.”

— Mike Ramsey, Nifty Marketing


“David is one of the most knowledgeable people I know in the area of local search. He goes above and beyond to educate his clients, and others working in the industry of local search, sharing much of his hard earned knowledge. I’d recommend businesses work with David when they want to improve their presence in the local online market.”

–Michael Dorausch, Planet Chiropractic


“I have worked with David Mihm in a research capacity in the Local SEO industry and can confidently assert that he is Portland’s top Local Search Marketer. David’s understanding of Local Search and website design is exceptional and businesses that consult with him are making a very smart move. David is an ethical, personable professional, worthy of the trust of business owners and I have the highest regard for his skills.”

–Miriam Ellis, Solas Web Design


“David really knows his stuff when it comes to Local Search. At Market Motive, he’s our go-to expert for Local.”

–Todd Malicoat, Marauder Charters