Keyword Theming

Group your keywords from the Discovery phase into logical buckets

Grouping keywords together into logical buckets is one of the hardest steps of the entire SEO roadmap. But it’s essential for customers to be able to navigate your website easily, as well as for long-term SEO success, so I encourage you to be intentional about your keyword groupings.

The keyword themes that are right for your business are not something that’s easy to prescribe from industry to industry, or even from business to business within the same industry. You will know the most logical way to group terms together based on your expertise as the owner of your specific business.

Some products or services will naturally fit under the same umbrella. Back to my coffee example above, “Coffee by Region -> Latin American Coffee -> Guatemalan Coffee” seems like one easy way to organize; “Coffee by Roast -> Light Roast” would be another. You’ve already created 5 great buckets using the logic above!

Keyword Theme Example

And now you’ll see why I recommended using Google Sheets in Step 1 — it’s much easier to cut-and-paste keyword cells under their respective groupings. Each grouping is what I (and many other SEOs) call a “theme.”

Some themes may only contain one or two keywords beneath them; others may contain a dozen or so. If you have a theme that contains more keywords than that, see if it makes sense to split that theme to make it even more specific.

There’s no right or wrong answer as to how many themes you should create. Just continue down this path until your most important keywords have been grouped. I’d still keep your less important keywords around, but maybe move them to a separate tab in your Sheet to revisit at a later date.