No. 507
September 24th, 2009

The Ultimate Local SEO Vanity Search

With all due respect to Andrew Shotland, whose great writing and insightful tips (along with a keyword-rich domain name) have earned him not only a #1 ranking for all kinds of Local-related searches including this one…I believe that what I am about to share with you is more impressive than even his dominance of search engine results.

Last week I was doing some research into citations for my own business (importantly: Google seems to be obfuscating them even more than usual these days, but that is a more serious post for a different day).  Probably like most of you would do, I naturally started Googling my official business name, “David Mihm Web Design / Local SEO,” to see what sites were showing up.  A couple of the usual suspects showed up like DirectoryM and OpenList.  But there were only six results (I just recently started to update all my information across the data providers) that matched, so I went a little “broader” and just did “David Mihm.”

Here’s what I found:

Evidently the powers at the Googleplex are worried that I might start sending customers away from the LBC and over to Yahoo and Bing.  It seems like a fairly broad-match campaign.

Intrigued (and vaguely irritated, for some reason), I did a few more searches; Mike Blumenthal was the only other expert receiving this kind of treatment. Never one to let an opportunity to tweak Mountain View, he recently launched a highly amusing counter-attack:

Names of high-level practitioners and analysts whom Google does not deem important enough to bother advertising on:

Not even famed locomotive consultant Will Scott or White Sox fan Steve Espinosa get this kind of attention from the Googleplex.

At the very least, I now have my answer to the inevitable “why should I hire you?” question from clients: because even Google tries to get traffic from me!