No. 936
March 15th, 2011

The Ultimate SMB Web Marketing Infographic?

Matt McGee made plenty of SEO industry headlines when he released the SEO Success Pyramid back in early 2008.  Despite the absurd pace with which search engine marketing has evolved in the time since then, it remains every bit as relevant today as it was when Matt first created it.  Bloggers and presenters in our industry continue to refer to Matt’s graphic in posts and presentations on a regular basis, as it lays out both literally and figuratively the building blocks for a successful SEO online marketing strategy.

Today, Mike Blumenthal has released a web equity infographic subtitled Owning Your Local Web Presence that I think will similarly stand the test of time, and may even eclipse Matt’s graphic as one of the most frequently-referenced in our space.

In a brilliantly simple design, Mike illustrates for small and local business owners seven different layers of marketing elements (hopefully NOT perceived as the seven levels of hell), and how they all fit together on the search vs social media continuum.  Starting with core information like business name, phone number, and domain name, the graphic expands to richer, fully-controllable elements like your website and blog, on to directory listings, social media profiles, all the way out to social media presence, links and citations, and paid advertising.

Business owners these days increasingly understand the need to get involved in online marketing but aren’t quite sure where to begin.  They would be well-served to start at the center of Mike’s graphic and work their way outwards as they gain confidence, internal resources, and the budget to build on initial successes.  I’d encourage everyone to head on over to Mike’s site to check out the full version.

Thanks, Mike, for creating such a valuable resource for business owners everywhere.

Full disclosure: both Mike and Matt are regular presenters at’s Local University series.