No. 98
May 29th, 2008

SEOs and SEMs Mobilize for Great Causes

A couple of my favorite SEO firms, Distilled UK, of London, England and NetConcepts of Madison, WI have announced efforts in recent days that will help make the world a better place, using SEO and SEM. Here are a couple of brief summaries of those efforts, with an idea of how you can get involved:

Distilled’s “Big PPC Competition”

Distilled is going to foot the bill for a PPC campaign that will target the keyphrase “Myanmar cyclone appeal.” The campaign will link to a landing page for World Vision UK, the British arm of World Vision International, which is a non-proselytizing Christian charity.

More from the competition page:

“World Vision are a client of ours and we have arranged this one-off PPC campaign with them as a product of our team building day. All ads submitted will have to be run past them first. Using your common sense should be enough to make sure your ad passes muster.”

So without further ado, here’s my ad submission for the contest:

Donate to Cyclone Appeal
Help with Myanmar Cyclone recovery.
Easy process; every donation helps.

Stephan Spencer’s “Olympics” Googlebomb

Past Googlebombs have been for fun (Stephen Colbert’s “Greatest Living American”) or for social commentary (George W. Bush / Michael Moore’s “miserable failure”), but this is one for social change.

The idea is that the search term “Olympics” is probably going to get a ton of traffic in the next couple of months as we count down to Beijing 2008. Stephan’s idea is to use SEO to promote the homepage of higher in the rankings for that particular search, to raise awareness for the Chinese occupation and human rights violations that have occurred there.

I think it’s a great one, so if you’re interested, just link to the homepage for with the anchor text of Olympics.

A friend of mine, Ciaran Norris, was quick to point out that this campaign is not a reflection on the Chinese people, but on their government. (Kind of like I hope people around the world can recognize the distinction between the administration of George W. Bush and the American population as a whole.)

If you’re interested, you can also donate to the Red Cross international response fund, which goes towards efforts in both Myanmar AND China.