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Google’s New Local UI Proving Conspiracy Theorists Right

No. 628 • July 21st, 2010 • 18 Comments

My thoughts on what the latest changes to Local results in Google Universal search mean for both SMB's and IYP's.

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Local Search Ranking Factors, Vol. 3

No. 614 • June 7th, 2010 • 50 Comments

Earlier this morning, I published the results of the 2010 Local Search Ranking Factors survey. I actually added 20 questions to this year's survey to try to assess some of the new considerations in Local Search--a daunting 30% increase in the workload for our panelists. We had 34 experts take part, including a handful of gurus from Canada and Europe and one from Australia. Their insights are truly remarkable, and although it's a lengthy piece, I'd recommend getting into the full depth of the responses as soon as you have time.

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“Where in the World” Conference Tour – Spring 2010

No. 597 • February 12th, 2010 • 7 Comments

An update on the conferences I'll be speaking at/attending this Spring: Local University, SMX West, SearchFest, Local Search Summit, DFWSEM, and SMX Advanced.

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Announcing Local University: First Stop–Spokane!

No. 593 • January 8th, 2010 • 13 Comments

Back in 2008, when Pat Sexton and I were brainstorming the ideas that would eventually turn into, one of our very first long-term goals was to put together a low-cost seminar series that would introduce business owners to the world of online marketing. It pleases us greatly to announce a major step towards that goal: the very first Local University event in Spokane, WA on February 4th.

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Yelp Comes of Age

No. 223 • January 8th, 2010 • 16 Comments

In a long-overdue and pretty long-winded piece, I take a look at the controversy that swirled around Yelp last Spring and some of the company's moves to react to it. I also go through my concerns for the site's continued growth, both among users and advertisers, and take one final look back at the Google acquisition that almost-was.

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What a Google-Yelp Deal Would Mean…

No. 577 • December 18th, 2009 • 15 Comments

Greg Sterling relayed a TechCrunch story late last night on Search Engine Land saying that Google is in "advanced acquisition negotiations" to buy Yelp. From Google's point of view, it's an anti-competitive buy. From Yelp's point of view, I think it's smart to sell while the company is still on the rise.

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Recap: Kelsey Group’s Interactive Local Media Conference

No. 571 • December 15th, 2009 • 8 Comments

Kelsey’s Interactive Local Media show was truly one of the best industry conferences I’ve attended.  The focus was very different from the typical SEO show, with only one or two tactical marketing panels but a lot of insight into how the major players approach the ideas of local search and marketing to small businesses. The […]

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Quasi-Update from The Kelsey Group Conference in LA

No. 568 • December 9th, 2009 • 3 Comments

I am at The Kelsey Group's Interactive Local Media conference in Los Angeles this week, though--speaking on a panel with Andrew Shotland later today. For those not in attendance, the official hashtag to follow on twitter is #ILM09, and I'll be posting tidbits from the conference sometime Friday afternoon or over the weekend.

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SMX East Local Items of Interest

No. 541 • October 8th, 2009 • 5 Comments

What this post lacks in coherence it will make up for in speed 🙂  Below are some of the items I found most interesting during my three days in New York this week: Ranking Tactics for Local Search It was truly an honor to be on a panel with Mike Blumenthal, Mary Bowling, Will Scott, […]

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Upcoming Local Search Events August – October

No. 471 • August 6th, 2009 • 5 Comments

As those of you who follow me way too closely on Twitter probably know, I was at my 10-year high school reunion all of last week.  So, sorry the posting has been a little light. I’ve also been hard at work on SEVERAL presentations for the upcoming month, and looking forward to all the upcoming […]

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