No. 1515
May 30th, 2012

Google +Local NAP Info Pulling From Mapmaker (not Places?)

It appears to me that Plus and Places are going to live on the same layer of Google’s business data index–one layer ABOVE Mapmaker–further evidence to support the theory that today was an interface update only and does not affect anything back-end is below.

Some of you may know that I moved last summer.  Embarrassingly, I still haven’t gotten around to updating my NAP information on all the important sites.

I did, however, update my address at Google Places relatively recently (at least I think that’s when I updated it…January 17…it could have been more recently than that).

Regardless, my new address (1400 NW Irving) IS showing in my Places Dashboard:

Needless to say, I was surprised to see that my new +Local Page was still showing my old address:

Curious, I next went to Mapmaker:

Yup, still showing my old address.

The lesson here: if you need an urgent update to your NAP info on the new +Local Pages, you may be SOL while Google finishes rolling out these changes.  But definitely check Mapmaker if you haven’t already.  You could also try the new “Edit this data” screen if you haven’t yet.