No. 1389
March 19th, 2012

Google Places Help Forums Permanent Archive

Many of you may have heard that Google is transitioning its Help Forums for Places to a new platform.  They have made the very strange decision to suppress–actually ELIMINATE–all previous posts that have accumulated over the years.  So much for “organizing all the world’s information?”

Cynics may say that they’re attempting to cover tracks that very clearly show just how buggy Places has been–and the negative real-world impact it’s had on many business owners–thus far in its history.  I won’t go quite that far, as I think the entire Places team has been dedicated to a great product since Day One and have only recently been given the staff and internal resources to execute on their vision.  Clearly the shift to a new platform signals an even larger backend transition that many of us have seen coming for several months–of which the Venice update scratches the surface.  I’m glad they’ll have the infrastructure to make information about this latest update more easily findable and updatable.

But I feel badly for all of the top contributors to the forum to-date, including Mike Blumenthal, Linda Buquet, and Nyagoslav Zhekov to see all of this free customer service knowledge that they had contributed to make the internet a better Place (no pun intended) for SMB’s and SEO’s alike.

Mike has done our community a HUGE service by pulling as many of these postings as he could before Google took them down and archiving them at  While SEO’s and SMB’s with current questions should visit the current forum, in 3, 5, or ten years this will likely be a very important historical artifact in our industry that would have been wiped out of existence except for Mike’s dedication and generosity to save it.

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