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SEOmoz Unveils 2007 Web 2.0 Awards

No. 1614 • May 9th, 2007 • No Comments

This afternoon, my favorite bloggers (SEOmoz) unveiled their 2007 Web 2.0 Awards. It was certainly serendipitous timing given my review of the ‘Web 2.0 Aesthetic’ last week, and my upcoming analysis of the pros and cons of this aesthetic, and how it informs my work. For those of you still somewhat new to the Web […]

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Wachovia: PGA Tour’s Best Saturday Ever?

No. 145 • May 5th, 2007 • No Comments

(Apologies for the “noise” here, but seeing as how TV golf caused far less work to be accomplished this afternoon than I’d hoped, this post is somewhat business-related…) Did anyone else get goosebumps watching CBS this afternoon? First of all, Quail Hollow looks like an incredible course, particularly in HD–it’s easy to see why the […]

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What Defines the “Web 2.0″ Aesthetic?

No. 142 • May 4th, 2007 • 1 Comment

The term "Web 2.0" has been around since 2004, created by Tim O'Reilly to refer to companies and technologies that were helping to shape the next iteration of the World Wide Web. Collaboration, input from users, openness to blogging, extensive database management, and realization of The Long Tail all define Web 2.0 from the economic and theoretical sides. But what about from the design side?

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Version 1.0.1: A Redesign After Just Two Weeks

No. 144 • May 3rd, 2007 • No Comments

Apologies to any regular readers over the first week of Mihmorandum’s existence, but I was just not happy with the rather direct translation of the design of my main website to my blog. Aesthetically, it seemed to lack some visual drama, and in general it just looked a bit “Web 2.0”-ish for my taste, albeit […]

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Stephen Colbert: The Greatest Living American

No. 143 • April 18th, 2007 • No Comments

Here on the eve of the 232nd anniversary of the start of the American Revolution (seriously, see for for yourself), what more fitting way to pay tribute to the patriotism of our forefathers than to honor The Greatest Living American of our own time, Stephen Colbert. O Great Cultural Sage, Creator of the indefatigable Tek […]

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Flash vs. HTML Websites – Which Should Your Business Choose?

No. 141 • April 16th, 2007 • 11 Comments

This should be the first question any small business owner asks himself/herself when he/she is considering a redesign for the company’s website. Making the wrong decision can be an expensive mistake, because any work that goes into the coding of one kind of website essentially has to be scrapped if you decide to change to […]

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Gauging the Value of SEO / Web Tradeshows

No. 140 • April 12th, 2007 • No Comments

(As an aside for those not in the SEO / website realm, this week marks one of the three or four largest tradeshow events in our industry: Search Engine Strategies New York. For the record, I’d mark the other biggies as SES San Jose, PubCon, the new SMX Seattle in June, assorted “Events Apart,” and […]

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Layout of Google SERPs Changing Daily

No. 139 • April 11th, 2007 • No Comments

This is nothing new for marketers and SEOs who’ve been following Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) trends for years, but Google frequently experiments with how they present the content on their SERPs. After reading a story on SEOBook last week, I found my way to Google’s official blog, where I learned that Google was […]

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Make the Time to Blog!

No. 138 • April 10th, 2007 • No Comments

It’s something I’ve told my clients ever since I attended my first SES conference in San Jose last summer (August 2006): MAKE THE TIME TO BLOG! This week, I’ve finally fulfilled one of my New Year’s Resolutions and begun my blog now that March Madness + The Masters are over. Blogging is a great way […]

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