No. 980
May 12th, 2011

How to Read Unlimited Articles

I’m sure other people have posted this before–in fact I think Mike Blumenthal tweeted something similar last week but I can’t seem to find it via Twitter Search now.  At any rate…

Obviously the New York Times’ current pay wall is something I’m incredibly opposed to. I think it comes about as a result of mis-management and a bloated print production wing of the paper (no different from any other newspaper).  While the quality of journalism is typically pretty high at the NYT, most of the topics they cover can be found on other major media portals with similar levels of trust.

But, I have three favorite NYT Op-Ed columnists (Brooks, Friedman, and Kristof) whose columns I read rather religiously.  (as for Krugman, Dolt Dowd, and Douthat…well, we won’t go there).  Actually, I’d be more than happy to pay a nominal fee–say, $1.99 a month or $19.99 a year–for access to their columns, provided the lion’s share of my payment went to their salaries and tech-related overhead to maintain  Reading their columns is usually the only reason I go to the NYT site these days anyway.  And if there are other interesting stories in the ‘most read’ or ‘most emailed’ sidebar, I’ll probably click on them while I’m there.

But, that’s not the way the Times’ pay wall is set up, and lo and behold, I met my monthly limit this morning as I tried to read David Brooks’ latest Op-Ed.  Knowing about the Times’ well-publicized “first click free” strategy, though, I came across a very easy (and fast) solution.

#1 Browse to the article you want to read on
#2 Highlight the URL of the article from your browser’s address bar.
#3 Hit CTRL-C or Command-C.
#4 Visit or
#5 Enter your cursor in the search box.
#6 Hit CTRL-V or Command-V.
#7 Click “Search”
#8 Click the first search result.

Voila! You have arrived at your destination.  It only takes an extra two seconds at most…and if you have a search bar running by default in your browser you can even skip step #4!