No. 1616
June 19th, 2007

New Post on Google Local PPC over at SEOmoz

My first YOUmoz article was promoted to the main SEOmoz blog today — thanks Rebecca (and Rand)!

The skinny is this: Google shows an entirely different set of ads for Google Local search results than they do for traditional Web Search results, as long as there’s at least ONE advertiser who’s taken the time to set up a Local Ad.

But you should read the whole thing for full effect!!!

Parenthetical comment: For those folks not in the SEO or web design industry, SEOmoz has pretty much set the standard for SEO best practices, industry news, and debate — it’s pretty much become a kitchen table where many of the top SEOs, and even search engine representatives, go to learn about the latest industry trends and strategies and ways to improve their own businesses.