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Minutive, Vol. 34: SEO without SERPs, the Death of Beacons, and More.

No. 2449 • December 5th, 2016 • No Comments

SEO without SERPs is here…Here’s How to Survive. BY BRYSON MEUNIER In a typically-insightful column, Bryson lays out an amazing table of queries voice assistants can currently handle and the kinds of queries that remain opportunities for SEO. Don’t expect any traffic from them though. As I said following Dr. Pete’s terrific post a couple […]

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Minutive, Vol. 33: The Local Digital Bundle, Siri vs. Google Assistant, and More.

No. 2446 • November 28th, 2016 • No Comments

What Is the Essential Digital Marketing Bundle for Local Businesses? BY MIKE BLUMENTHAL AND YOURS TRULY With all the turmoil in the digital marketing space, it can be hard to know where to spend your time and money. In our latest Streetfight column, Mike and I construct our ideal marketing package for the small business […]

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Minutive, Vol. 32: Advertising vs. Marketing, Cancelling Yext, and More.

No. 2444 • November 22nd, 2016 • No Comments

The Platform Of The Future Will Own The Intersection Of Advertising And Marketing BY MATT KEISER An incredibly esoteric article, clearly focused on an Enterprise audience. But its premise got me thinking: the distinction between marketing and advertising is just not one the average small business makes, I don’t think–both are expenses in the pursuit […]

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Minutive, Vol. 31: Digital Ad Market Consolidation, Sponsored 3-Packs, and More.

No. 2441 • November 14th, 2016 • No Comments

The Accelerating Consolidation of the Digital Ad Market BY MIKE BLUMENTHAL AND YOURS TRULY In our regular bi-weekly chat, Mike and I take on the paradox of a growing digital ad market that is shrinking for everyone but Google and Facebook. Many of Google’s recent moves are designed not only to adapt to changing consumer […]

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Minutive, Vol. 30: My First Podcast, Google’s Voice Monetization Plans, and More.

No. 2438 • November 7th, 2016 • No Comments

The SaaS Bootstrapper Podcast Episode 3 BY MAC MARTINE AND YOURS TRULY Thanks to Mac for hosting my inaugural podcast appearance, where I give my thoughts on local and voice search, SaaS  marketing, and a teaser of what I’m working on presently. Google Voice Search Comparison Shops On Mobile, Creating Audio Ad Opportunity BY LAURIE […]

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Minutive, Vol. 29: Winners/Losers in a Digital Age, The AI Era, and More.

No. 2434 • October 31st, 2016 • No Comments

Winners/Losers in a Digital Age BY SCOTT GALLOWAY Perhaps the best synthesis of digital trends (and their impacts on society) I’ve ever seen. And it’s two and a half years old! If you like Mary Meeker’s annual State of the Internet report, you’ll love this video. (As an aside, Scott’s presentation style is one of […]

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Minutive, Vol. 28: The Impact of Reviews on Local SEO, Email Subject Lines, and More.

No. 2430 • October 26th, 2016 • No Comments

The Increasing Impact of Reviews and Google+ (?!) on Local SEO BY MIKE BLUMENTHAL AND YOURS TRULY Mike and I were able to “record” this conversation together in person at our latest Local U event in Austin. Whether the impact is new, or Google is just being more transparent, reviews are playing a bigger role […]

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Minutive, Vol. 27: Google’s Hardware Shift, iOS Ad Targeting, and More.

No. 2425 • October 17th, 2016 • No Comments

Can Google Shift Its Revenue Model From Advertising to Products? BY MIKE BLUMENTHAL AND YOURS TRULY An extended discussion of the themes from last week’s Minutive–Google’s tripled-down its focus on voice-enabled AI-everywhere hardware. Has it stockpiled enough advertising cash, and can it change its culture quickly enough, to pull off the shift? Not OK, Google […]

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Minutive, Vol. 26: Google’s Hardware Announcement, Local Guides, and More.

No. 2423 • October 10th, 2016 • No Comments

It’s Official: Google Is the New Apple BY JUSTIN BARISO I could not have a more diametrically-opposed take on Google’s event. The strategy they’re pursuing is their only way forward (see next article), and the products they released all felt “me-too.” But you’d have to call it a successful event from a PR standpoint due […]

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Minutive, Vol. 25: A Possum Summary, Dark Social, and More.

No. 2420 • October 3rd, 2016 • No Comments

Everything you need to know about Google’s ‘Possum’ algorithm update BY JOY HAWKINS I’m not as in-the-weeds with day-to-day local ranking fluctuations as I used to be. Luckily, Joy is. Here’s a great summary of the latest changes. Dark social dominates holiday sharing [RadiumOne data] BY MATT MCGEE Marshall Simmonds of Define Media Group gave […]

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