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IYP Case Study: My Reaction

No. 129 • September 22nd, 2008 • 4 Comments

Last week I published a guest post written by Ed Reese on the Value of Internet Yellow Pages websites for Small Businesses. Other than a few notes for readers, and re-wording a few phrases for clarity, that post was essentially un-edited by yours truly. I promised a reaction to it today, so here it is! I offer my thoughts on such topics as Categorization, Citation Diversity, and the Effect of Paid Citations.

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The Value of Internet Yellow Pages Websites: A Case Study

No. 124 • September 17th, 2008 • 7 Comments

This is a first here at Mihmorandum -- a guest post! It's written by Ed Reese, a budding Local marketer from Spokane, WA. Ed described his situation to me at the recent SEOmoz Seminar, and I thought his story held some important insights for the Local Search community. It's a two-part series--the first being the case as described by Ed, and the second being my reaction to his data (coming on Monday, September 22). So without further ado, here is Ed's story...

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The Value of the Yellow Pages for Small Businesses Today

No. 122 • September 15th, 2008 • 28 Comments

I wish people would stop thinking that I somehow 'have it in' for the Yellow Pages. Certain Sphinn commenters and a few responses to previous posts I've written on this blog seem to imply that I am starting from a "gut reaction" when I criticize their value. This is just not the case. I'm going on hard data from my own clients, and analysis of their business models in comparison to their online competitors'. This article dispels some recent arguments from a YP Association rep, and offers my opinion on the true value of Yellow Pages for small businesses.

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Links of Local Interest, Volume 2

No. 121 • September 11th, 2008 • 6 Comments

Continuing the COMPLETELY original series I started last month, here is a quick blitz of articles I've been reading with interest in the last couple of weeks: my SEMpdx presentation, interviews with Yahoo Local honchos, the launch of YipIt, attributes in Google Maps, how to get into Acxiom, and my first SEL column!

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Has Local Search 2.0 Arrived?

No. 117 • August 27th, 2008 • 10 Comments

Local is truly at the convergence of Search 3.0 and 4.0—the number of times we see Local results blended into Web SERPs is dramatically increasing. Google is straight up asking people to enter their Zip Code so they can show more Local results blended into the organic SERPs even when people don't explicitly geo-target their queries. So ranking well in Local is not only going to be more important for Mobile search, but also for desktop search. This article looks at where Local Search, at least at Google, might be headed.

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Links of Local Interest (™) Inaugural Edition

No. 118 • August 25th, 2008 • 7 Comments

Local Search aficionados will of course immediately recognize the eerie similarity between the title of this post and the title of a famous series by Local Search guru Mike Blumenthal. They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery so, Mike, I hope you approve. At any rate, I've read a couple of exceptional posts in the last few weeks (in addition to my small business reputation management roundup) that I haven't had a chance to highlight just yet. And I also wanted to make a few announcements of my own.

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2008 SEOmoz Expert Seminar Recap

No. 116 • August 24th, 2008 • 8 Comments

Having just returned from the SEOmoz Expert Seminar, it's safe to say the conference offered an incredible value. I learned from Brian Carter's Recap that SEOmoz would like to keep the bulk of the sessions confidential since they'll be selling the content on an upcoming DVD, but I got the go-ahead from Rand to post just a few teasers.

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5 Steps for 5 Stars: Reputation Management for Small Businesses

No. 115 • August 12th, 2008 • 13 Comments

25% of the questions Todd Mintz asked me in his excellent interview last month had to do with reputation management for small businesses. So, with this post, I thought I would try to make things a little easier for small businesses by compiling a list of truly exceptional posts related to this topic written in the last couple of months, and summarizing their findings.

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Now Is the Time: Get on the BOTW Local Bandwagon

No. 114 • August 11th, 2008 • 4 Comments

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a quick post about Best of the Web's launch of BOTW Local, and my initial impressions of the site. The date of that post, and of the submission of my business to BOTW Local, was June 24th. On August 1st, less than six weeks after submitting my business to BOTW Local, my BOTW Local listing was already showing up as a citation in my Google Local profile.

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Did Local SEO Just Get a Whole Lot Tougher?

No. 113 • July 30th, 2008 • 17 Comments

Google may have stopped showing citations within Local Business Listings. If this is indeed a permanent fixture, and not just a technical glitch, it makes the Google Local algorithm MUCH more opaque and makes it much more difficult for Local SEOs like myself to figure out why certain businesses are ranking well.

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