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Local Search Ranking Factors, Vol. 2

No. 326 • May 26th, 2009 • 46 Comments

I invited 27 leaders in the Local Search Marketing community to participate in the 2009 Local Search Ranking Factors survey. Participants rated the importance of 49 criteria with respect to their influence on rankings in the Google and Yahoo Local “Universal” search algorithms (those that drive the 3-pack, 10-pack, and authoritative onebox search results and NOT the standard organic algorithms). Selected responses and some commentary from yours truly are contained in this post, as well as a link to the full survey results.

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A Framework for Thinking About Local Search Campaigns

No. 316 • May 20th, 2009 • 19 Comments

Despite not having a panel of its own at SMX Advanced this year (maybe next year, Danny?), it seems to me that Local Search is coming of age right before our eyes. Local has now reached a level of prominence where it's time for SEO companies (and large, location-sensitive companies who do their search marketing in-house) to truly start thinking about Local as its own search division, deserving of its own strategy, budget, and human resources.

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Google LBC Changes Now Showing Up INSTANTLY In Universal Search

No. 311 • May 18th, 2009 • 4 Comments

***MIKE B. SAYS HE’S SEEN THAT FOR AWHILE*** I discovered this as I was making changes to my profile earlier today.  This is an amazing, amazing accomplishment by Google, and if it had to do with the downtime this weekend, it was well worth it. It looks like a bunch of improvements have been made as […]

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Google Asks for LBC Feedback!

No. 306 • May 18th, 2009 • 5 Comments

I’m sure one of my Local Searcharati friends has already seen this but I found it fascinating.  I logged into the LBC today to reflect that I was updating my business from primarily focusing on Web Design to Local SEO (some of you may have noticed a little redesign about 10 days ago).   Google asked […]

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Links of Local Interest, Volume 7

No. 256 • April 16th, 2009 • 1 Comment

Well, it looks like I've finally caught up with all the links I've been saving for the past two months. Covered in this volume of the Links of Local Interest are a Locally-focused monetization strategy for Twitter, two phenomenal Local Search posts from Lisa Barone, a strategy for tracking 10-pack clickthroughs (finally!) and a couple of interesting developments in the real estate and rank tracking spaces.

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Generic Authoritative OneBox Spotted In The Wild

No. 262 • April 15th, 2009 • 3 Comments

Wow. Just doing some research for my upcoming Search Engine Land article next week. Came across one of the cooler things I've seen in awhile. After the discovery a couple weeks ago that Google has begun to show Local results on generic phrases, I suppose this should come as no surprise. But it is pretty damn cool.

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Links of Local Interest, Volume 6

No. 255 • April 15th, 2009 • 1 Comment

In quick succession, volume 6 of the Local Links of Interest series discusses international Local SEO, old-line marketers failing to keep pace with "new age" techniques that have actually been around for a couple of years (like Twitter and the LBC), a great strategy for HyperLocal content development, and even praise for Google Maps!

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Links of Local Interest, Volume 5

No. 224 • April 10th, 2009 • 2 Comments

Back by popular demand (or not, as the case may be), the fifth installment of my Links of Local Interest Series discusses the spread of 10-packs across Google SERPs, the "Brand" update and its effect on SMB's, Locksmith MapSpam, duplicate LBC listings, and Local Keyword Research.

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OrangeSoda Fizzinar: Local Search for National Brands

No. 237 • March 6th, 2009 • 7 Comments

Just a short note to let everyone know that OrangeSoda is presenting a free web presentation/conversation called a "Fizzinar" next Thursday, March 12th. We'll be talking about some of the obstacles that large brands face when it comes to Local search, identify what makes Local different from other forms of search, and identify some strategies for success.

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Google Maps Now Lets Random Users Close Businesses

No. 233 • March 6th, 2009 • 7 Comments

Barry Schwartz reported Google Maps's Community Edit function now allows users to mark certain businesses as closed. Community Edits alone opened up a can of worms that I did not think Google wanted to get into. Community CLOSINGS are even more dangerous. When the business community doesn't even know something exists (the Google Local Business Center), how can they possibly be expected to understand why their business is closed, and how to fix it?

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