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My Thoughts on Where Yext Fits Into a Local Search Marketing Plan

No. 1476 • May 23rd, 2012 • 21 Comments

Disclosure: GetListed.org, a company where I serve as president, currently receives a small referral fee from both Yext and Localeze for business owners we send their way & sign up for a paid account.  Reader Kat Taylor recently commented on my Local Search Ecosystem post, as well as Kelly Marsh (comment), and a dozen or […]

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The Local Search Ecosystem in Canada

No. 1468 • May 21st, 2012 • 16 Comments

We (the GetListed.org faculty) recently completed our first Local University north of the border, May 1st in Edmonton, thanks to the awesome efforts of Darren Shaw to get a room full of 150 business owners to the event.  As part of the preparation for that event, it was necessary to create a Canadian version of […]

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The Worst Kept “Secret” in Local Search: My Thoughts on the Impending Plus-Places Merge

No. 1393 • May 14th, 2012 • 23 Comments

The inevitable integration of Google’s Plus and Places products, obvious since Day One of Plus, finally seems like it might be imminent. We’ve seen several signals from Google in the last couple of months that this integration may be coming sooner rather than later: 1) Google completed a major backend infrastructure update this Spring, presumably in preparation for […]

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Google Places Help Forums Permanent Archive

No. 1389 • March 19th, 2012 • No Comments

Many of you may have heard that Google is transitioning its Help Forums for Places to a new platform.  They have made the very strange decision to suppress–actually ELIMINATE–all previous posts that have accumulated over the years.  So much for “organizing all the world’s information?” Cynics may say that they’re attempting to cover tracks that […]

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Local University Spring 2012 [Cross-Posted from GetListed Blog]

No. 1382 • March 1st, 2012 • 6 Comments

Although my sparse posting schedule on here has unfortunately become the norm, the reason for the latest absence of posts has been that I’ve been putting together our Spring conference schedule for Local University with Mike Blumenthal, Ed Reese, and our other faculty.  I’m excited to announce that we’re now “open for business” with all […]

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The Local Search Ecosystem in 2012

No. 1365 • February 22nd, 2012 • 55 Comments

Amazingly, it's been nearly two and a half years since I first published my Local Search Ecosystem infographic back in October 2009. With the 2012 conference season kicking off in earnest with SearchFest on Friday and SMX West on Monday, I thought it was high time for an update. I'd like to think that the original graphic has stood the test of time pretty well...but there have definitely been some changes worth noting in the last 900 days or so.

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Is Verizon a Data Supplier to Google Places?

No. 1332 • January 17th, 2012 • 22 Comments

Obviously, I've claimed my consulting business on most of the major search engines and data aggregators, and done my best to make sure that my NAP information (Name, Address, and Phone number, for those of you new to Local Search) is consistent everywhere. Sure there are a few minor variations of my official DBA (David Mihm Web Design / Local SEO) due to various aggregators' limitations on length of business title. But, I recently came across a crazy bug on my Google Place Page! I couldn't believe it. My phone number had all of a sudden changed from 503-560-2755 to 971-400-6360. I had two questions--#1, of course, why had my phone number changed? #2--and more importantly--where did that number come from?

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Recent Search Articles of Interest

No. 1033 • November 5th, 2011 • 4 Comments

Hey everyone, I know I’ve been incredibly lax in posting recently.  October was a very busy month.  Including the last week of September and the first week of November, I was busy putting on four Local University events with Mike Blumenthal, Mary Bowling, Matt McGee, Aaron Weiche (PS–Minnesotans looking for a web gig, Aaron is hiring), […]

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Google Places Spam Filter: Still Not Perfect

No. 1026 • October 7th, 2011 • 21 Comments

Normally I don’t like to call out companies for spamming (I am happy to leave that to Professor Maps), but when it’s – this egregious – on this scale – hurting REAL Local SMB’s instead of one big corporation vs. another I feel compelled. It is about as blatant as business title spam gets.  See […]

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Mike Blumenthal Featured in New York Times; Google Responds Immediately

No. 1014 • September 6th, 2011 • 10 Comments

I came across a very pleasant surprise on NYTimes.com last night: this article on the ease of crowdsourcing business closures within Google Places.   “The Oracle of Olean,” Mike Blumenthal, features prominently in the second half of the article, as the Times found his experiment on closing Google’s Mountain View location particularly illustrative and amusing. […]

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