No. 621
June 25th, 2010

Recently Published: Local Search Glossary

Throughout the course of the year, I receive emails from business owners thanking me for putting together the Local Search Ranking Factors–unnecessary; and praise really should go to the contributors!–but there is occasionally confusion as to what some of the terms like “citations,” “KML,” etc. mean, even from business owners who know their way around the web.

Also, as part of our Local University series, we’ve begun kicking our seminars off with a brief list of acronyms and other jargon that the presenters use throughout the day. Despite our best efforts to teach the concepts of Local Search in plain English, there’s an incredible amount of inertia to fight against when trying to explain complicated concepts in a reasonable amount of time.

So in an effort to kill two birds with one stone, I recently (last weekend) published a collection of about 100 terms used frequently in Local Search — the Local Search Glossary. My definitions may not be 100% “accurate” but they’re rather intended to give business owners without any technical knowledge a decent sense of what each word or acronym means.  Hopefully no one thinks I am misleading folks with any of them, and I’m certainly open to suggestions for improvement (and additional terms to include).

And of course, if you hadn’t heard yet, we will be in Cleveland next week (June 30) for the latest installment of Local U.  Still “plenty of good seats available,” as they say, and you can sign up for only $79 with the discount code “mihm2010.”  Hope to see some of you there!