No. 256
April 16th, 2009

Links of Local Interest, Volume 7

Gargoyle, York by Yours Truly

OK.  Here goes.  Finally catching up with all the links I’ve been saving for the last two months.  I guess all you local search bloggers out there will just have to pile it on with some fantastic NEW posts.  It’s going to be hard to top the ones in Volume 7, though.

First up in this issue is Steve Espinosa’s phenomenal, locally-oriented idea about how to monetize Twitter — essentially turning Twitter into a HUGE headache for Yelp, Superpages, CitySearch and other portal/review sites.  Think of it–real-time recommendations (or dis-recommendations) for a particular business, automatically archived whether a business had created profile page or not.  A great idea from one of the more creative minds in our space.  Steve, have you gotten a call from Biz Stone yet?

Another brilliant, creative mind in the SEO space, though not necessarily Local (up til now!) has been absolutely killing it for her new company.  Just in the last week, Lisa Barone of Outspoken Media has authored two outstanding posts that every small business should read: How to Respond to Negative Reviews and an overarching strategy for Launching a Small Business Website.  Needless to say they will be mainstays in my Delicious account for quite some time.

To my knowledge, Martijn Beijk, Europe’s top Local SEO, is the first one to figure out the answer to the $64,000 question we’ve all been asking since SMX Local last July: how do I track 10-pack clickthroughs?  Strangely he decided to post as a guest on Mike’s blog rather than on his own terrific European Local Search blog, but as you can tell I’m thoroughly impressed and trying to throw him a few anchor text bones anyway 🙂 

Two more interesting tidbits:

– It looks like Google Base Real Estate is now officially running off the Google Maps algorithm and interface.  There was obviously always quite a bit of overlap, but I was just checking out a couple of Housing searches here in Portland and you’ll see when you visit Google Base and mouseover the ‘Housing’ link, it actually takes you to a ‘’ URL.  I have a feeling we’re about to start seeing 10-packs for real estate & housing searches.  Buh-bye MLS, it was nice knowin’ ya.

– Terry Novak has launched a nifty, compact little ranking checker for SMB’s called Rockin’ SEO.  It does not seem to be aimed at SEO’s who will no doubt want detailed analytics, trend graphs, and the like.  But it’s easy to use and easy for DIY-type SMB’s to understand.  Nice job Terry!