No. 123
October 9th, 2008

Links of Local Interest, Volume 3A

Kodak 3A Special by alexkerhead

Kind of like the “S” in your old Encyclopaedia Brittanica set, the third installment in my “Links of Local Interest” series is SO big that it requires two sub-volumes.  (Look for part B tomorrow.)

SEMpdx Hot Seat Next Week!

Blu Drobushevich of Amplify Interactive will be going ‘Back to Basics’ next week at the monthly SEMpdx Hotseat.  It’ll be a great introduction for Portlanders new to SEO, and a valuable refresher for industry veterans out there.  Click here for more information or to sign up.  Rumor has it that yours truly is sitting on the Site Review panel, so sign up for one of those while they’re still available, too 🙂

Google Local Guidelines Announced

Mike Blumenthal was all over the announcement of Google’s Local Guidelines last month.  I assume that most readers have probably already read this story but wanted to make sure that people who hadn’t seen it were aware of this tremendously important announcement.  Google now expects people to enter their business title “exactly as it appears in real life,” which basically means small business owners should consider keywords even more when naming their business and registering with the appropriate business entities in their towns and cities.

Questions and Answers from Google Local

A postscript to what was surely a fantastic set of Local presentations at SMX East this week was this interview from Greg Sterling.  Greg submitted a set of questions from Screenwerk and Search Engine Land readers and asked them directly to Local’s Eric Stein.  I found his answers disappointingly flippant, and sometimes vague, but it’s still an important read.

Web Reference (aka Citation) and Linkbuilding Tips

Steve Espinosa has a great post about building citations over at Search Engine Land.  The last one (throw a party) is a nice segue into another great post on small business link baiting, this one by Dev Basu.  Dev’s got a fantastic list of 10 ideas to get you (or your clients) started on a successful, and marketable, blog.

How Many Small Businesses “Get It” When It Comes to Online Advertising?

Hanan Lifshitz and Noa Gertin of Palore published a fascinating study last week of the number of small businesses in San Diego who were advertising online.  At first blush, the number looked exceptionally high (45%).  But on closer inspection, 35% were actually getting bundled online advertising rather than doing so directly.  This is still a tremendously untapped market for SEOs and SEMs.

More About Small Business Reputation Management

My buddy Will Scott has a tongue-in-cheek, grain-of-truth post on the need for small businesses to “Google themselves” here.

More Self-Promotional Drivel from the Yellow Pages

Greg Sterling wrote a quick summary of an AT&T Yellow Pages press release claiming they were the #1 Local Search Platform.  Curiously, the study that AT&T was so excited about chose to ignore any REAL Local Search platform (like, ummm, Google, or Yahoo?) and focused only on online Yellow Pages platforms.  Also, the sample size was 12 — yes, that’s right T-W-E-L-V-E — advertisers.  This kind of thing is just insulting to any small business owner’s intelligence.  Unfortunately we live in an age of soundbites and misinformation, so the headline could be persuasive to some folks.  Thanks for calling the YP’s out on it, Greg.