No. 929
February 3rd, 2011

Kudos to InsiderPages for a Creative Use of hReview CSS

As Andrew Shotland wrote so brilliantly several months ago, the writing is on the wall for Internet Yellow Pages sites with respect to organic search referrals–at least from Google.  Google has essentially forced them into a position where they need to spend money on PPC or put up with indirect referrals via what TripAdvisor, Yelp, and others feel is a parasitic display of their reviews on Place Pages, even after the more organic-friendly O-Pack / Place Search user interface iteration.

But not all the IYPs are just running around like Chicken Little.  Some of them–well, at least InsiderPages–are actually thinking very creatively about how to extract as many possible clicks from the diminishing amount of organic real estate they’ve been allotted.

While visiting my local custom picture frame shop the other day, I happened to pull my laptop out as I was talking to the proprietor about her contact with the Google Places photographer.  On my search for “picture framing NW Portland” — my example of a phrase I might have typed in prior to finding her — I noticed just below the O-pack this little ditty:

A pretty clever use of non-standard HTML that certainly grabbed MY attention as I scrolled down the page.

For those who are curious, here’s the code of the live page over at IP (note the <abbr class=”rating” … > line:

and the CSS for how they accomplished the image replacement:

Not sure whose idea this was at InsiderPages, but I thought it was pretty awesome, and it may be worth a shot for all you designer/developer/SEO hybrids out there as you go about implementing the hReview microformat on your clients’ testimonials.