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Recap of ‘Personalization, User Data, and Search’ – SES San Jose 2007

No. 32 • August 27th, 2007 • No Comments

Gord Hotchkiss of Enquiro was the clear ‘rockstar’ on this panel, presenting data from a series of eye-tracking studies his company had completed earlier this year. His conclusion?  Personalized results do appear to work.  Time spent on each personalized result, as well as fixation, and clicks were all double when compared to ordinary results. Interestingly, […]

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Recap of Paid Links Debate – SES San Jose 2007

No. 29 • August 24th, 2007 • No Comments

In what was easily the most exciting session of the conference, Google’s Matt Cutts squared off against Michael Gray, Todd Malicoat, Todd Friesen, and Greg Boser on the topic of paid links, with‘s Andy Baio providing a seemingly objective third-party view on the topic. The paid link proponents CLEARLY won the debate, in my […]

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Is Wikipedia’s Homepage Obsolete?

No. 24 • August 16th, 2007 • No Comments

It’s been well-chronicled throughout the SEO community — much in the same way that Germans love David Hasselhoff, Google loves Wikipedia. It’s becoming exceedingly rare for ANY search done using Google NOT to return at least one Wikipedia result somewhere in the top three positions. It’s particularly true for searches for famous people, TV personalities […]

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Patent Expert Shares Insight on Google’s Local Strategies

No. 21 • August 14th, 2007 • No Comments

Bill Slawski, who is probably the world’s foremost search engine patent expert, authored a post today that spoke to some of the factors Google looks at when deciding to display local information. Bill’s article isn’t necessarily concerned with advice on how to use Google’s patent to your advantage, but rather a more objective look at […]

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Google Announces Search for Small Businesses

No. 19 • July 17th, 2007 • 1 Comment

Google announced today that it is offering a search mechanism for small business websites. For $100 a year, Google will allow you to customize a search engine that displays only pages from your site. It had previously offered this service for free via its ‘Custom Search Engine’ product. But of course this ‘free’ service was […]

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New Post on Google Local PPC over at SEOmoz

No. 1616 • June 19th, 2007 • No Comments

My first YOUmoz article was promoted to the main SEOmoz blog today — thanks Rebecca (and Rand)! The skinny is this: Google shows an entirely different set of ads for Google Local search results than they do for traditional Web Search results, as long as there’s at least ONE advertiser who’s taken the time to […]

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Layout of Google SERPs Changing Daily

No. 139 • April 11th, 2007 • No Comments

This is nothing new for marketers and SEOs who’ve been following Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) trends for years, but Google frequently experiments with how they present the content on their SERPs. After reading a story on SEOBook last week, I found my way to Google’s official blog, where I learned that Google was […]

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