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No. 24
August 16th, 2007

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Is Wikipedia’s Homepage Obsolete?

It’s been well-chronicled throughout the SEO community — much in the same way that Germans love David Hasselhoff, Google loves Wikipedia.

It’s becoming exceedingly rare for ANY search done using Google NOT to return at least one Wikipedia result somewhere in the top three positions. It’s particularly true for searches for famous people, TV personalities with giant brass balls, places, and current events. But even random searches like Shazbut Nanoo Nanoo and Martian Spiders return Wikipedia results in the top five.

Given the widespread adoption of the Google toolbar, is there really any point to typing in ‘’ in the address bar of your favorite browser anymore? After all, you’re almost never more than a click away from a Wikipedia page on any given SERP from Google. G’s results load much faster than Wikipedia’s homepage anyway. It seems to me that if Wikipedia is really interested in the welfare of its community, it could save its users a lot of time and effort by just 301’ing its homepage to

Just some food for thought…