No. 93
May 23rd, 2008

Back to Back WordPress Posts?! My Favorite WP Plugins

Graywolf detailed a terrific collection of WordPress plugins last week and got me off my kiester to finally post a list of WordPress plugins that I use frequently, either on my own blog and on my clients’. It’s a lot shorter, but hopefully you’ll find some value from these as well.

1) Plugin to Order Your WordPress Blog Posts: aStickyPostOrderER by AndreSC.
Offers you complete control over your post order, including separation by category. Critical if you are going to use WP as a CMS, in my opinion.

2) Get WordPress Custom Field Values Plugin by Coffee2Code.
Another critical plugin for WordPress-as-CMS. E-Commerce SKU numbers, prices, etc. can all be contained in custom fields. Let alone specialized date/time information for posts about particular events, multiple authors, etc.

3) SEO Title Tag Plugin for WordPress: by Stephan Spencer and Netconcepts.
Stephan is one of my favorite speakers in the SEO industry. His company also puts out an amazing plugin for bloggers who want to get a little more visibility in Google, Yahoo, and the rest. Particularly good for long tail searches.

4) Plugin for Breadcrumb Navigation in WordPress: Breadcrumb NavXT by John Havlik and Michael Woehrer. We all know breadcrumb navigation is great for usability. Now there’s a plugin that makes it DIRT simple to display it in WordPress.

5) Lightbox Plugin for WordPress: Lightbox 2.0.4 by Giuseppe Argento.
There are any number of uses for this plugin; I particularly like it to display larger images of products, a la Banana Republic / Gap’s “Quick Look.”

6) Latest WordPress Comments Plugin: Brian’s Latest Comments by Brian Meidell.
Title says it all.

7) Plugin for Extra User Fields in WordPress: CIMY User Extra Fields by Cimatti Consulting.
This is a neat plugin to make your users’ profile pages a little bit more robust. You can ask them pointed questions or give them a little freer rein as to what they’d like to say about themselves.

Feel free to list your own favorite plugins in the comments!