No. 1543
June 26th, 2012

New Study: The Best Citation Sources By City

I’m really excited to announce a joint study with Darren Shaw of Whitespark that we’ve just published over on the best citation sources for 93 U.S. cities.

The methodology for the study was pretty simple: using Whitespark’s Local Citation Finder, we looked for some of the most common keywords within 71 local search categories across 53 large US cities, 20 medium-sized cities, and 20 smaller cities. We then scored the sites inversely based on ranking position combined with overall number of occurrences. The sites that appeared most often and with the highest rankings were deemed “best.”

You’ll see some blue bars indicating the relative strength of each citation source within each city.  Very interesting to see the continued dominance of traditional IYP sites like and in less-techy, smaller markets, and the overwhelming prominence of Yelp in coastal markets.