No. 1398
March 31st, 2012

Google’s 8-Bit Maps for NES

Google’s Traditional April Fool’s Joke Comes a Day Early?

While messing around with Google Maps I happened to come across a pop-up linking to this little video:

Here’s what the 8-Bit map for Portland looks like:

They even went so far as to create a Zelda-like character for StreetViewMan:

And even StreetView itself has been given the full 8-bit treatment.  Here’s the view outside my window:

I applaud Google for its creativity and light-hearted nature.  But I can’t help but think of the (wo)man hours it must have taken to pull this off, and how those surely would have been better spent in the Places Help Forums, or on refinements to the clustering algorithm, where they would have a real-world, and not a fantasy-world, impact?