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Website Design for a Full-Service Digital Marketing Consultancy

We were a brand new company and needed a website that made us standout. We hired a agency that wanted to get us through the process as quickly as possible. The result was a website that looked to be built form a template with absolutely no personality. We met with David and asked if he could bail us out and do a complete makeover. David was on point immediately and created comps and plan that we were excited about. Within a short time David transformed our banal site into product that was entirely unique, had a ton of personality and complemented our brand.

--Tim Resnik, Principal, AudienceWise

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Website Design for a Local Search Listings Company

As my hourly local search consulting rates have continued to rise, it makes less and less economic sense for mom-and-pop small businesses to hire me for consulting. But those businesses remain extremely close to my heart. GetListed represents my best effort to give business owners on a limited budget to get a head start on a local search optimization.

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