SEO for Local Search: National Retail Brands and Agencies

Although Local Search results used to give small businesses an inherent advantage over larger brands, that's no longer the case, thanks to both an influx of Blended search results (which are more reliant on organic ranking factors), and the increasing realization on the part of national brands that they can no longer rely on their PageRank 7 or 8 website to overcome deficiencies in site architecture or active data management.

From an enterprise client:
No one knows the world of Local Search like David Mihm. From broad marketing strategies to the nitty-gritty tactical details, David's expert knowledge and experience in the field yields tremendous results for his clients. Smart, personable, and a savvy communicator, David is able to translate his expertise and research into language suitable for search marketing practitioners as well as their leadership. I'd gladly do business with David again in the future.

J.C., Program Manager

Who I Work With

I've helped national brands, and the agencies who help them optimize, rank better in Local Search since 2007. I have a strong background in organic search, but these days I consult exclusively for companies with brick-and-mortar locations—literally any number of locations from 1 to 35,000. And if you've got more locations than that, I'd love to help you, too.

I take on clients in as wide a variety of industries as possible in order to get the broadest possible picture of the Local algorithm, and I never take on two national competitors in the same space.

Below are some of the services I perform for bigger companies. Please get in touch if you'd like me to take a look at your situation.

Multi-Location Local Search Strategy

I typically work with agencies or an in-house SEO on this offering, which costs anywhere from $3,000 to $30,000 depending on the number of locations and the complexity of the client's situation.

Some of the needs I help with are:

  • Optimized Store Locator architecture
  • Optimized location pages for both ranking and visitor conversion
  • Comprehensive review of the major citation players in your niche
  • Maximizing ROI for top selling products on a market-by-market basis, based on client business intelligence
  • Verification of Google Places bulk upload
  • Data management across several key aggregators and IYPs
  • Organic optimization to maximize location "scent" of each franchise
  • Creative linkbuilding ideas that scale
  • Using user-generated content to reinforce geolocation signals
  • Collaborating on offline marketing initiatives that dovetail with a strategic customer review campaign
  • Advice on affiliate strategies for Local Search
  • Proper structuring of Google Analytics account for most relevant location-related insights
  • Ongoing monitoring of Place pages for maximum impact and consolidation of duplicate listings

Hourly Local Search Consultations

Again, I typically work with an in-house SEO on this one, but sometimes a VP will bring me in just for a second set of eyeballs to review a new site architecture or get specific advice around "the hot new thing" in Local, which seems to change about every 6 weeks!

I can offer advice on any of the bullet points above (and others). My hourly rate is $300/hr and I bill in blocks of time as small as 15 minutes.

In-House Strategic Consulting + SEO Training

I'll put together a full site review for your organization, and come to your office to present that review to key stakeholders in your company's decision-making chain. I can also help train in-house marketing staff on some of the basics of SEO, and serve as an ongoing consultant either on retainer or on an a la carte basis. This is an area I particularly enjoy, and it's an offering that traditional marketing and advertising companies have found particularly valuable as a value-add for their clients, or even as a way to train members of their own organizations.

If you're a large brand with a lot of individual franchise owners, or a trade association with members for whom you think understanding search engine marketing might be valuable, you might also consider contacting the faculty of's Local University about a custom presentation for your industry.

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