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@Search Engines: How to Improve Your Local Search Interface

No. 66 • January 22nd, 2008 • 4 Comments

Mike Blumenthal's been all over the recent experimentation with the Google Local OneBox Ten Pack, first made public by Paul Jahn, in the last several days. Mike accurately notes that while displaying a larger number of businesses seems to level the playing field. In my opinion, this is mostly a good thing, as it helps defray some of the impact that the poor quality of Google's Local algorithm currently has on small businesses.

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The Most Brilliant Google Local Post I’ve Ever Read

No. 64 • December 13th, 2007 • 4 Comments

Tim Coleman lays out a VERY convincing argument for why certain businesses (and certain businesses' reviews) show up at the top of the Google Local algorithm, and why others don't. It's the most salient, actionable piece of advice I've ever read for small businesses looking to get a leg up on the competition in the new Map + 3 interface that's become ubiquitous in Universal Search.

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Top Copywriting Takeaways – PubCon 2007

No. 56 • December 10th, 2007 • 1 Comment

Unfortunately, I missed the first two presenters on this panel, Jill Whalen of HighRankings and Heather Lloyd-Martin of SuccessWorks, as I was attending a panel on CSS and HTML coding which proved a bit too basic for my skillset. But I’m extremely glad I made the effort to hear Brian Clark’s presentation, which laid out […]

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Top Local / Small Business Takeaways – PubCon 2007

No. 54 • December 10th, 2007 • 4 Comments

Brian Gil of Yahoo Local mentioned that they are now actively spidering the hCard format to gather information about geographic location. Yahoo in particular is “multi-sourcing” local content; the more sources they find the information, and the higher the quality of those sources, the higher their trust in your small business and the better you’re […]

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Top Social Media Marketing Takeaways – PubCon 2007

No. 53 • December 10th, 2007 • No Comments

Rand Fishkin: Rand brought up a huge list of social media sites that are ripe for picking traffic from. Some I’d heard of, some I hadn’t (Care2, Deviant Art, and QoolSqool). There are also a lot of great sites where you can get your design featured, including CSSBeauty, CSSVault, and the Adobe Showcase. The time […]

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Craig Newmark Keynote Synopsis – PubCon 2007

No. 52 • December 10th, 2007 • No Comments

Craig Newmark, the visionary founder of the now ubiquitous local search site Craigslist began the conference with a humble bang, speaking about the history of his company and his plans for the future. Genesis of Craigslist: Craig started a CC email list in 1995 to keep San Franciscans informed about “stuff” going on in the […]

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Is Google Getting Better at Crawling Flash?

No. 47 • November 9th, 2007 • No Comments

I recently updated a Flash portfolio for one of my clients, a local photographer. Now, before all my SEO buddies jump all over me for building a website entirely done in Flash, keep in mind that I advised the client of the advantages and disadvantages of Flash vs. HTML in advance of development and let […]

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Don’t Be Content with Your *Content* — 10 Tips for Small Business Owners

No. 46 • November 8th, 2007 • 5 Comments

With all of the buzz surrounding meta tags, social media, and reciprocal links floating around the small business web community today, it’s important to separate the wheat from the chaff. Small business search engine optimization still boils down to two things: A) Great content B) Some links pointing to that content With that in mind, […]

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The REAL Problem with Local Search

No. 43 • October 25th, 2007 • 12 Comments

Nearly all of the Local Search Marketing experts agree that the problem with Local Search is that "It's too fragmented and too complex." This post examines why that's only a part of the problem, and why Google and the other search engines actually WANT small businesses to succeed online.

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The Complete Mihmorandum SES San Jose 2007 Recap

No. 38 • August 28th, 2007 • No Comments

Here’s a list of all of my SES San Jose 2007 recaps, for quicker reference: Top Ten Small Business Takeaways Linkbaiting and Viral Search Success Local Search Marketing Techniques The Paid Links Debate Searcher Behavior Research Update Universal and Blended Search Personalization, User Data, and Search B2B Search Marketing Tactics Marissa Mayer’s Keynote Interview with […]

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