Why My Posting Has Been Light: GetListed.org Launches

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Many of you are likely aware already, thanks to Matt McGee’s gracious article on Search Engine Land and Miriam Ellis’ follow-up on Search Engine Guide…but for those who haven’t heard yet…

Yesterday I launched a new website with my friend & business partner, Patrick Sexton, called GetListed.org.  The site features a tool that helps small businesses see how the major Local search engines (Google Maps, Yahoo Local, Best of the Web Local, and Live Search Local) have them indexed, and notifies them if they’ve claimed their listings on those engines.

It’s a very simple tool, designed mainly for small business owners themselves, and our main goal is simply to provide a free way for them to take control of their business information online.  Other companies like Localeze and Universal Business Listing do a great job of syndicating data to search engines, but the goal of our tool is to create direct, 1:1 relationships between small businesses and search engines and other portals, and to make it as easy as possible for them to manage this information in one place.

Both the Local Search Ranking Factors study that I put together, and research by Mike Blumenthal and others last summer, suggests that claiming one’s listing has some impact on how well a business ranks, particularly in less-competitive markets. Even within the last week, Mike has highlighted the benefits of manual claiming rather than bulk submission or relying on data feeds.  GetListed.org fits that need to a T.

And certainly with all the hubbub surrounding listing hijacking and poor data aggregation already in 2009, we’re excited to launch at what seems to be just the right time.

So I invite you to check take GetListed.org for a spin & see what you think.  Please feel free to send any feedback to ask@getlisted.org.  And also, if you DO want to Sphinn this particular blog post, please resist the temptation and Sphinn Matt’s original SEL column instead :)

And a HUGE thanks to everyone who beta-tested this tool and gave us such valuable feedback. If you don’t see your feedback actually incorporated in the current version, rest assured that we’ll continue to refine our interface in the coming weeks.

10 Responses to “Why My Posting Has Been Light: GetListed.org Launches”

  1. Bryan says at

    Very awesome tool for small businesses. Are there any planned enhancements or other services beyond claiming listings?

  2. David Mihm says at


    We do have several enhancements planned — stay tuned to http://blog.getlisted.org for updates (I’ll probably be posting a lot of general Local Search tips over there too :D )

    Thanks for your feedback and for stopping by.

  3. Duncan Ogle-Skan says at

    David, this looks like a great tool. Any plans to develop to UK? PLease let me know if you do. If you want/need some assistance or resource in making it happen, please shout. Duncan

  4. MiriamEllis says at

    Well, I’ve been congratulating you all over the web, David, but let me do it here, too : Congratulations!!! I simply love this tool and will be singing its praises wherever I go.

    Definitely stop by Search Engine Guide. Some interesting user feedback there in the comments on my article.


  5. David Mihm says at

    Duncan, we’re actually in development on the international version & we’ll be sure to let everyone know when it launches. We were too excited to sit on the U.S. version, though! :)

  6. Judd LYon says at

    Very cool, congrats. This will be very helpful when promoting local businesses.

  7. David says at

    Hey David,

    Congrats, this sounds great, I am hoping over there now to check out the new site that you launched.

  8. Don Campbell says at

    Congratulations David and Patrick!
    I really like the “dashboard” view of all the local profiles I’m managing.
    It’s a great tool and I’m using every day since the beta.

  9. Mary Bowling says at

    David, I’m using this tool to quickly show small business folk that they are or are not where they need to be and what their listings look like. It is so much faster than trying to find them on the local platforms, especially when their listings are poorly done and, consequently, difficult to find. Thanks!

  10. David Mihm says at

    Mary, I’m so glad to hear it. Nice to hear that SEO’s with your expertise are making the effort to engage with moms & pops :)

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