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November 25th, 2008

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Read It: Eric Enge – Rand Fishkin Linkscape Interview

Several readers commented on my previous post about Linkscape, including Dave Oremland, who asked about my take on all of the controversy surrounding its launch. I’ll finally weigh in.

Just finished reading Eric Enge’s interview with Rand Fishkin about Linkscape. It is a terrific, objective interview where Rand finally gets a chance to put forth SEOmoz’s perspective on the controversy in more than just a few soundbites. For me the interview boiled down to this paragraph (emphasis mine):

I am conflicted about it, I really am. But at the same time we feel really strongly about this product. If we didn’t build it, we’d want someone else to build it, and obviously other people have built it. I think to a certain degree there is a conflict between the brand that we created and the expectations that people have for us and how we are going to treat Webmasters.

All of the webmasters coming out and bashing Rand and his team for creating Linkscape need to wake up and realize that. Yes, SEOmoz could have been more transparent than they were when they launched the tool. That was a mistake, and one which Rand himself has admitted. But honestly, who would you rather give your website information to, a responsible company, with good people running it, like SEOmoz or a sleazebag like Jason Gambert?

Plus, Linkscape has SO many benefits for SEOs and webmasters trying to get information about both their own site and their competition, at some point you’ve gotta say it’s worth that tradeoff.

Reasonable minds can differ but that’s my .02.