OrangeSoda Fizzinar: Local Search for National Brands

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Just a short note to let everyone know that OrangeSoda is presenting a free web presentation/conversation called a “Fizzinar” Tuesday, May 12th.  We’ll be talking about some of the obstacles that large brands face when it comes to Local search, identify what makes Local different from other forms of search, and identify some strategies for success.

The presenters for this Fizzinar include:

Not a bad lineup!  

Here is the link to the completed Fizzinar.

7 Responses to “OrangeSoda Fizzinar: Local Search for National Brands”

  1. Will Scott says at

    Hey David,

    Sounds great, I can’t wait! I already signed up.


  2. Gareth K Thomas says at

    Just wondering if this will be available as a download after the live version? I’m in the UK and it can be a bit expensive to call over to the US, but would be really interested to hear what goes on during the session.

    Many thanks – Gareth

  3. David Mihm says at


    I’ve been told by the organizers that you should register for the event anyway. After it concludes, you’ll be sent a link where you can go on and listen/watch at your convenience.

  4. Scott says at

    I visited the link and only get a “This Webinar is over” message. I would love to see this preso or a pdf if possible.

  5. David Mihm says at

    Scott, it’s actually been re-scheduled for May 12. We had some technical difficulties. I’ll write another post when the new link is live.

    Thanks for your interest!

  6. Lou says at

    I’d also love to have a link for this webinar I missed. Any hints? Thanks !

  7. David Mihm says at

    Hey guys, an update: here’s the link to the complete webinar.

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