Quasi-Update from The Kelsey Group Conference in LA

MIHMORANDUM NO. 568 | December 9th, 2009Reader Comments (3)

Hello dear readers–Major apologies for not blogging in the last 6 weeks.  With Thanksgiving and a couple of new clients, not to mention an exciting new project at GetListed.org, I just haven’t been able to devote the time to finishing off about five posts in my queue that I would have liked.  Hopefully the next holiday break will give me time to catch up  :)

I have been publishing my regular column on Search Engine Land, but that’s about all I’ve had time for, sadly.

Additionally, I am at The Kelsey Group’s Interactive Local Media conference in Los Angeles this week, though–speaking on a panel with Andrew Shotland later today.  So if you’re in the area, or even better–at the conference–and want to meet up it would be great to connect in person.  It’s my first Kelsey show & I am grateful for the invitation from Mike Boland.

For those not in attendance, the official hashtag to follow on twitter is #ILM09, and I’ll be posting tidbits from the conference sometime Friday afternoon or over the weekend.

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  1. Jim Rudnick says at

    Nice to have you “back” blogging David….always appreciate reading your pieces!



  2. emad says at

    See you there! Hope you start making it out to these shows regularly.

  3. Adolfo Salazar says at

    I have learned alot from your information and funny moment in morning.

    I had meeting with some people at the conference in morning and saw you walking in. I was waiting on corner to cross the street.

    I felt weird being semi “star” struck over a seo consultant. Wish I could afford the 2k to get in :)

    have a good one.

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