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August 4th, 2010

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Awesome New Feature from Google Places: Review Responses

Mike Blumenthal once again breaks the news on a new initiative from Google Places: the ability for business owners to respond directly to reviews.  Google is not the first local search portal to come out with this product enhancement, but as arguably the biggest and certainly the most visible, it puts incredible pressure on the remaining stragglers to do so.

It’s a great complement to the UI/link shift — allowing business owners even more control over their Place Page–and is a clear indication to me that Google is headed more in the direction of Facebook Fan Pages every day (more on this from me in a future post).  While the ‘nearby competitors Places you might like’ feature is never going to be popular among business owners, this latest feature announcement should alleviate some of the angst business owners have felt about angry reviewers, and hopefully diminishes the incentive for shill reviews as well.

Huge Kudos to the Places team on this one, as far as I can tell!

  • Any thoughts on review responses being included as a ranking factor?

  • Yup, David…
    I too follow Mike as a terrific ‘first’ spot to check on all things Local, and read same myownself! I think that this is a solid attempt by G, to allow SMBs to respond…course, like all things, I’m sure in a few months, we’ll see some positively dumb and stupid rants in response to poor reviews….but that’s life, eh!

    So thanks David & Mike….appreciated lads!



  • Should be interesting to see how many businesses actually step up and start responding

  • Places has evolved since this post, but interesting to see what others were anticipating and being excited over in the past. They didn’t really turn to a Facebook Fan page did they?