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Minutive, Vol. 16: Mozzier Than Most

No. 2397 • July 30th, 2016 • No Comments

Ranking #0: SEO for Answers BY DR. PETE MEYERS Few people in the world have as good a handle at where Google’s SERPs are evolving than Dr. Pete. So when he says “Featured Snippets offer a significant organic opportunity,” you should probably pay attention. The Future of e-Commerce: What if Users Could Skip Your Site? BY […]

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Minutive, Vol. 15: Monetization, Loop-Closing, and More.

No. 2395 • July 25th, 2016 • No Comments

How Google’s Monetization Shift Will Impact Local Search BY MIKE BLUMENTHAL AND DAVID MIHM StreetFight published the first installment of a new conversational column between Mike and myself this week. The kickoff is a pretty good summary of everything you’ve been reading in Minutive for the past four months 🙂 Introducing Zenreach BY JACK ABRAHAM […]

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Minutive, Vol. 14: Pokemon gOverrated?, GMB Practitioners, and More

No. 2386 • July 18th, 2016 • No Comments

Pokémon Go and Local: Why Now? BY MIKE BOLAND If you’ve been on vacation for the past week and are looking for a primer on the context of Pokemon Go, this one from Mike is pretty good–finally an app that provides real “value” in return for sharing your location. Heed this warning, though: “One downside […]

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Minutive, Vol. 13: NOT Pokemon Go, and More.

No. 2383 • July 11th, 2016 • No Comments

What Caught My Eye This Week: Pokemon Go, but I haven’t fully collected my thoughts about it yet. Plenty of far more important stories, though–read on! The Facebook of ecommerce BY BENEDICT EVANS An uncharacteristically rambly post from the brilliant Benedict Evans, but it brings up a couple of very important thought-points that have been […]

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Minutive, Vol. 12: Facebook, Facebook, Facebook — It’s Always Facebook.

No. 2381 • July 5th, 2016 • No Comments

I feel like I achieved a measure of clarity this week on Facebook’s worldview as it tries to compete with the rest of the “Big Four” — Apple, Google, and Amazon. This issue of Minutive seeks to take you through that worldview in roughly 60 seconds. Facebook to Change News Feed to Focus on Friends […]

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Minutive, Vol. 11: Location-Aware Social Content, Local Marketing with Sponsorships, and More

No. 2378 • June 27th, 2016 • No Comments

West Elm Is Lifting Sales by Using Customers’ Instagram Photos in Facebook Carousel Ads BY CHRISTOPHER HEINE Though the story calls out this UGC idea for use in paid campaigns, I’ve long advocated it, especially for larger brands, as an easy win for unique, compelling, authentic content on organic location pages. Twitter quietly launches tags […]

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Minutive, Vol. 10: Yelp’s Lobbying Efforts, Branded vs. Unbranded Searches, and More

No. 2375 • June 17th, 2016 • No Comments

Yelp Gets Massive ROI from Its Lobbying Efforts BY YOURS TRULY Yelp has rather quietly spent almost $700,000 on lobbyists in the last 18 months, including payments to the former general counsel of the Senate Antitrust committee, Seth Bloom. And it looks like that investment is paying off, as the Commerce Committee and FTC are […]

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Yelp Gets Massive ROI from Its Lobbying Efforts

No. 2357 • June 14th, 2016 • 3 Comments

In April, Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) of the Senate Commerce Committee encouraged the Federal Trade Commission to reopen its antitrust case against Google with respect to local search results. The FTC is now rumored to be doing just that. The news made some waves in the search community, but not to the same extent as the antitrust investigations […]

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Minutive, Vol. 9a: Google Dark Search, YP vs. “Guys,” and More

No. 2341 • June 10th, 2016 • No Comments

Organic Search Traffic Down in May? The Google App May Be to Blame BY DAVE COPPEDGE You can probably predict where this is going from the headline. More and more search referrals are showing up as “direct” traffic — a trend towards “dark search” which will almost certainly accelerate with the rise of voice results. […]

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Minutive, Vol. 9*: Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends, IPAs (No, Not That Kind), and More

No. 2333 • June 3rd, 2016 • No Comments

KPCB Internet Trends Report 2016 BY MARY MEEKER For those of you not immersed in the tech world, this annual report is the gold standard in synthesizing global business and consumer trends in digital media, software, and hardware. The link above points you to my favorite slide in this year’s deck, in which Baidu predicts […]

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