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Minutive, Vol. 31: Digital Ad Market Consolidation, Sponsored 3-Packs, and More.

No. 2441 • November 14th, 2016 • No Comments

The Accelerating Consolidation of the Digital Ad Market BY MIKE BLUMENTHAL AND YOURS TRULY In our regular bi-weekly chat, Mike and I take on the paradox of a growing digital ad market that is shrinking for everyone but Google and Facebook. Many of Google’s recent moves are designed not only to adapt to changing consumer […]

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Minutive, Vol. 30: My First Podcast, Google’s Voice Monetization Plans, and More.

No. 2438 • November 7th, 2016 • No Comments

The SaaS Bootstrapper Podcast Episode 3 BY MAC MARTINE AND YOURS TRULY Thanks to Mac for hosting my inaugural podcast appearance, where I give my thoughts on local and voice search, SaaS  marketing, and a teaser of what I’m working on presently. Google Voice Search Comparison Shops On Mobile, Creating Audio Ad Opportunity BY LAURIE […]

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Minutive, Vol. 29: Winners/Losers in a Digital Age, The AI Era, and More.

No. 2434 • October 31st, 2016 • No Comments

Winners/Losers in a Digital Age BY SCOTT GALLOWAY Perhaps the best synthesis of digital trends (and their impacts on society) I’ve ever seen. And it’s two and a half years old! If you like Mary Meeker’s annual State of the Internet report, you’ll love this video. (As an aside, Scott’s presentation style is one of […]

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Minutive, Vol. 28: The Impact of Reviews on Local SEO, Email Subject Lines, and More.

No. 2430 • October 26th, 2016 • No Comments

The Increasing Impact of Reviews and Google+ (?!) on Local SEO BY MIKE BLUMENTHAL AND YOURS TRULY Mike and I were able to “record” this conversation together in person at our latest Local U event in Austin. Whether the impact is new, or Google is just being more transparent, reviews are playing a bigger role […]

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Minutive, Vol. 27: Google’s Hardware Shift, iOS Ad Targeting, and More.

No. 2425 • October 17th, 2016 • No Comments

Can Google Shift Its Revenue Model From Advertising to Products? BY MIKE BLUMENTHAL AND YOURS TRULY An extended discussion of the themes from last week’s Minutive–Google’s tripled-down its focus on voice-enabled AI-everywhere hardware. Has it stockpiled enough advertising cash, and can it change its culture quickly enough, to pull off the shift? Not OK, Google […]

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Minutive, Vol. 26: Google’s Hardware Announcement, Local Guides, and More.

No. 2423 • October 10th, 2016 • No Comments

It’s Official: Google Is the New Apple BY JUSTIN BARISO I could not have a more diametrically-opposed take on Google’s event. The strategy they’re pursuing is their only way forward (see next article), and the products they released all felt “me-too.” But you’d have to call it a successful event from a PR standpoint due […]

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Minutive, Vol. 25: A Possum Summary, Dark Social, and More.

No. 2420 • October 3rd, 2016 • 1 Comment

Everything you need to know about Google’s ‘Possum’ algorithm update BY JOY HAWKINS I’m not as in-the-weeds with day-to-day local ranking fluctuations as I used to be. Luckily, Joy is. Here’s a great summary of the latest changes. Dark social dominates holiday sharing [RadiumOne data] BY MATT MCGEE Marshall Simmonds of Define Media Group gave […]

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Minutive, Vol. 24: Apple’s Local Moves, Google Maps Integrations, and More.

No. 2417 • September 26th, 2016 • No Comments

Is Apple’s Encroachment on Local Finally Ready for Prime Time? BY MIKE BLUMENTHAL AND YOURS TRULY While neither Mike nor I am skeptical that Apple IS ready for Local Prime Time, this lively discussion expands on some of the local search impacts of the major iMessage and hardware updates I mentioned in last week’s Minutive. […]

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Minutive, Vol. 23: Google Platform UX, iMessage in iOS 10, and More.

No. 2415 • September 19th, 2016 • No Comments

As Google Pushes for Users to Stay on Its Platform, What Are the Effects for Local Search BY MIKE BLUMENTHAL AND YOURS TRULY Professor Maps and I debate the impact and staying power of Google’s new Posts and AMP features in the context of Google’s march towards becoming the “Presentation Layer of the Internet.” (h/t […]

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Minutive, Vol. 22: Digital Assistants, Voice Search, Yelp, and More.

No. 2413 • September 12th, 2016 • No Comments

Digital Assistants to Offer New Advertising Opportunities with Ad Spend Forecast to Grow at Over 100% Per Annum to 2021 BY JUNIPER RESEARCH Can’t think of a whitepaper I’ve disagreed with more in the last few years. I suppose personal assistants might generate an additional $12BN in paid search opportunities…but the amount of those opportunities […]

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