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No. 563
October 30th, 2009

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More on the Possible Effects of Call-Tracking in Local Search

As many readers probably know, Telmetrics president Bill Dinan responded to my original Search Engine Land column about call-tracking last week.  Greg Sterling was kind enough to let me post a response to Bill’s response on his blog this week.

Please check it out & let me know your thoughts either in the comments area on Greg’s blog, or below.

  • Recently I have noticed that my client’s LBL have been getting merged with similar but separate listings. By adding a call tracking number to a listing that has numerous other citations from prominent directories seem to create a negative action.

    When Google spiders these citations, the implication of them stating a different phone number than what you told Google is enormous. They devalue your submission in my opinion.

    If you start a companies’ online presence with the tracking phone number, the other listings outside from the LBL will start indexing your tracking phone number as your main phone number. I have had great success with tracked number in local search but recently I have been receiving numerous complaints about incorrect merged accounts?

    Google updated page ranks last night! 😉

  • I can not believe that LBL is going through such dramatic changes. I had listing that were posted years ago and have been active until this recent change. There is no doubt in my mind that if you base your business model on LBL and for that matter Google, you will not be able to sleep at night. Some of my listing are totally gone of the Maps. This is the 5 day since Google LBL has gone haywire and I still have many listings missing.

  • David Mihm do you have any suggestions?

  • PureSheer


    Missing listings can go back to be on line-

    – After waiting 2 – 3.5 weeks & then it’ll go back automatically.
    – If you’ll recreate them.

    I’m suggesting to wait (!). Listings that go back automatically after couple of weeks will be in a better positions after a while!!

    If it’s not happening just recreate them.