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June 24th, 2009

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The Guide to UK Citations for Local Search

Note: this article is part of a series on International Citations.

Some of you probably know I’m a huge Anglophile.  I lived just off Farringdon Road in London EC1 for a semester, and have visited a number of times for both golf and sightseeing. So in some sense, I’m a little disappointed this post has taken me so long to get out, as I’d LOVE to be able to take on a few UK clients & fly over for some in-person meetings :).

If you are new to Local Search, you’ll probably want to read these articles on the importance of citations for ranking well in Local Search before this one to understand why these are such good places to list your business. And thanks to Martijn Beijk, Distilled, and Sokratis Papafloratos for their contributions to this article.

Where to list your business for UK Local Search

1) The Local Data Company
LDC appears to be the infoUSA, or perhaps more appropriately, the Localeze of UK Local Search. Check out their impressive list of customers…and lo and behold Google UK actually allows them to use their logo explicitly.  You can submit or update your data here.

2) Market Location
Perhaps the secondary major data provider for Google Maps UK…it looks like this is the place to sign up.

3) Yahoo Local UK
A no-brainer, obviously.  Somewhat surprisingly, they don’t appear to manage their own results…sign up below instead.

4) Infoserve
Infoserve provide results to Yahoo Local in the UK, as well as a few other portals, undoubtedly. Click here to sign up

5) Qype
According to multiple UK sources I’ve talked to, including the experts at Distilled, Qype may be the most popular Local portal in the UK at the moment.  It’s also very well-spidered by Sign up here

The aforementioned Sokratis Papafloratos is the main man behind this well-indexed Local Search portal. Sign up here

Dave Ingram, who penned this excellent article on SMB reputation management a few weeks back is the founder of Brownbook, a well-indexed, wiki-style Local portal. Sign up here

Though Distilled and Martijn both speculate that Yell is not a quote-unquote “major” data provider, they still show up pretty frequently under the Web Pages tab.  Sign up for a free listing here

Just launched a few months ago (March?), most folks feel Yelp will be just as successful in the UK as it’s been in the US…at least as far as appearing in Google search results.  Sign up here

According to Martijn, this is a major player in the UK. Sign up here

11) Touchlocal
An OpenList style portal for the UK.  Thanks to Joshua Sciarrino for this tip.  Sign up here

12) Scoot
Scoot bills itself as the online business directory that does all the hard work for you.  Whatever that means.  Sign up here

Looks like this site started in London but is branching out to some of the UK’s larger cities such as Cardiff, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Manchester, etc.  Sign up here

Geo-specific sites to London include:

London OnlineView London | Visit London | All in London | London Town | Timeout | SpoonFed

Hospitality industry sources include:

Square MealFancy a Pint | HotelGuide

Any others I should highlight here, Brits?

  • Matt McGee

    Just letting you know in advance that you are dominating the monthly link recap post for June. People will suspect payola. 😉

    Seriously, this is terrific. Well done.

  • I have found the following directories also contribute to Local Listings visibility

    Of course, I think you should add the tip reminding companies to researching the links appearing in your competitors’ Google Local listings. This could be a signal of the usefulness of the local directory listing. In particular, there will be specific directories and review sites that are highly valuable for each niche sector, as well as local directories for particular cities.

  • Alistair McIvor

    Very useful guide – thank you.

    How important is it to have a backlink to your website on the sites listed here? Or is it enough to simply have your company + address + local phone number listed in their directories?


  • Very useful guide, was not aware of about 1/2 of those directories, many thanks.

  • I know this is a little old now, but I just stumbled across it linked from another article and I’ve found it very useful. Only point that I have to mention is that the link for Yell appears to be broken, might be worth fixing if people are still reading this. Cheers!

  • hi
    i am looking a tool for give the general idea and position about our local listing?
    any one can say me about the tool for Local listing like
    this tool only for US customers
    any other tool for uk and canada?

  • Great article! Really helped me get my head around local search!

  • Still a fantastic resource, even almost one year on!

    David, what are your feelings on social media’s impact on Local Search? I’m planning on testing out group/fan pages to see if they have any bearing on the results. I’m estimating that the more popular the group (# of fans), the more significant the ‘vote’ for that business across the number of backlinks to that group page.

    My guess is that with Google’s acquisition of social media platforms, they will be putting a lot more emphasis on social proof in the coming updates.


  • Here is the UK web address gor getlisted:-

  • Gold – thanks for sharing David.

    Ontolo’s citation keyword tool + these local directories combined = win.

  • Great list.
    Thanks heavens somebody put one together.

    Of course, new sites come and good sites can go bad, but this is the most comrpehensive list ‘ve fpound so far that’s specific to the UK.

    Thanks again.

  • A great resource, currently working through these recommendations for numerous small, local business clients and seeing results already.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • A really great list that I stumbled upon when looking for when looking for the UK localeze. Thank you!

  • Colin

    Thanks a lot for that really great list! I definitely think it is useful for SEO experts and beginners. Local search is becoming increasingly powerful and with the increased user adoption of smartphones and tablet computers, more and more Internet use is based on location.

    I have two questions for you. Firstly, what do you feel about websites trying to promote distinct locations at one time (for example a company with an office in London and one in Leeds?).

    Secondly, how do you think local search and directories affect niche directories. For example, is a very niche website?


  • Hi Colin,

    #1 Each location is eligible for a Place Page at Google Places (and every other IYP / directory I’m aware of). Just make sure they each have their own location page on your website, & submit both locations to the sites above.

    #2 The site you linked to isn’t really suited for Local Search…Google is interested in brick-and-mortar locations to satisfy either geotargeted keyphrases or generic phrases with Local intent.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  • Hi David

    Good list, although your top choice, The Local Data Company, doesnt seem to offer any categories for those engaging in online business like web design and marketing.

    It’s also very frustrating that we can’t get access to Yahoo maps here in the UK without having a paid listing through Infoserve or Cityvisitor – you missed them off your list. And Bing listings, having once been run through a similar third party, have now disappeared completely.

    I don’t know if it’s the same over there but, if you sign up to the free listings in the UK, you are then treated to a raft of phone calls trying to persuade you to upgrade to a paid listing or even a super-paid listing that will guarantee you a top three of the front page. Many of the above companies are different arms of the same groups so it gets incredibly confusing as to who is selling you what and how effective it is actually going to be.

    One of my personal favourites is – they’re free, Google likes them and they don’t ring you up to try to market to you.

    PS Is there a way to get your blog posts via email rather than RSS feed?

    With Many Thanks

  • Thank you very much for the blog. I’ve managed to fix several listings of mine. Hopefully it will also be useful when google does its next page rank update.

  • Excellent guide! Thought I’d already got my site listed at many of the top places, but there were a few in your list such as qype that I’d missed – now on there too.

    Guides like this really do help small startup businesses like mine to get the word out there locally, and I find it frustrating that we spend approx £300 pcm on google adwords to come at the top of local search results (we only advertise and fix computers within a 10 mile radius), yet we still have to compete on adwords with national companies, and our google places listing is about 6 pages in – even a local cash register shop comes before us for “computer repair” in Hull?
    Frustrating especially as none of the first page listings on google places seem to have adwords campaigns – perhaps being an adwords customer is detrimental in itself?

  • Hi Lee,
    Thanks for stopping by. Glad you found this list helpful.

    Being an Adwords customer should not affect your rankings in any way. Numerous search experts with loads of client data have not found any indication of this.

    I took a quick look at your Place Page…it looks like you have a very complex address where Google may be having a hard time nailing down your exact location. But in general I did not see enough of these primary sources (other than Yell) showing up on a search for your business yet. So hopefully after 30-60 days when Google has indexed all of these sources, you’ll jump up in the rankings.

  • Hi-ya, The The Guide to UK Citations for Local Search | Mihmorandum article above is great can someone reply to tell me if you got a RSS Feed

  • Yelp has become one of our preferred local listing directory for UK service. Of course Google’s own local listing is a good one and necessary from rankings perspective. But overall we rather stick to maximum of 5 local listing services as more might be unnecessary and expensive to maintain in the long run.

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