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No. 121
September 11th, 2008

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Links of Local Interest, Volume 2

Famous Original Ray’s, by WallyG

Continuing the COMPLETELY original series I started last month, here is a quick blitz of articles I’ve been reading with interest in the last couple of weeks:

My SEMpdx Presentation.

My buddy Todd Mintz did an excellent job of liveblogging my SEMpdx presentation on Local Search. For those who missed it, here’s a link where you can download my slides. It was an extended version of my presentation at SMX Local earlier this year.

Interview with Yahoo Local Honchos.

Eric Enge is at it again. Fresh off his fabulous interview of Carter Maslan in July, he has followed up with an equally fascinating interview of Frazier Miller and Shailesh Bhat of Yahoo Local. An absolute MUST read. Some insights I found particularly interesting:

But, in general we rely pretty heavily on several areas. One is the licensed feeds that we get through data providers like InfoUSA, Acxiom, and Localeze. We rely heavily on these to build our backbone.

Eric Enge: So you are not using it as a way of extracting location information for Yahoo Local at this time? Shailesh Bhat: Right now, on Local we are not. But we will keep it open as an approach.

Shailesh Bhat: Categorization, I think, is especially important because of the way queries get generated.

YipIt launches.

Vinicius Vacanti and Jim Moran, regular readers of this blog, have launched a new site to search for furniture in Manhattan. It’s a pretty neat idea — a nexus of Local Inventory, Local Business LIstings, and Kayak. I’ll be interested to see how it does & if and when they expand!

Attributes in Google Local / Maps.

My friend and Local Search Ranking Factors contributor Mary Bowling authored a great piece on how to add attributes to your Google Local Business Listing. A great way to get an edge over your competition.

How to Get into the Acxiom Database

Mihmorandum reader Eric Lamison, who specializes in Tampa, FL Web Design – (813) 385-6082 – actually took me up on my offer and investigated how to get into Acxiom, one of the best sources for Local citations. Here’s the response he received:

I am the Consumer Care Advocate for the Acxiom Privacy Team and I am in receipt of your email.

Acxiom Corporation is not the original source of information. The majority of this information comes from public telephone directories, telephone companies and electronic directory assistance. Please ensure that you update your information with some of theses sources, then eventually internet sites and data vendors will get this information.

Thank you for contacting Acxiom Corporation.

Alice Baeten
Acxiom Privacy Team

And Finally, Some Thoughts on MapSpam

I recently published my very first Search Engine Land column, in which I reviewed all officially reported instances of MapSpam in the last two months. Check out my column or give it a Sphinn if you’re so inclined πŸ™‚

  • Very cool David.

    I just got back from a meeting with someone who saw you speak at that last conference and was talking about the Yellow Pages and their relationships with companies like Acxiom. I’m pleasantly surprised to see that the telephone companies and directories are the original source of information, and previously thought it was a combination of the two.

    Going over to Sphinn it now.

  • Great roundup, David. And I am so excited about your first SEL column which I have definitely sphunn.

    The style is gone from Mike’s blog…it’s back to default. Could it be that we are about to witness a whole new design there?

    Your post reminds me that I would love to get to know Mary Bowling. She seems very cool.

    Nice to see the mention of YipIt, too. I think that’s a neat approach.


  • Doesn’t that still beg the question – how do you get into Acxiom (via an online submission?)

  • Congrats on the first local column Dave! As to Yipit, I don’t see them charging for clicks – the links go direct to the listed business’ homepage. Is the tracking on the backend or something? Otherwise I haven’t understood the Kayak reference.

  • Hey Gab, the Kayak reference was just supposed to draw a parallel between the multiple sorting options in the interface, which is what initially attracted me to Kayak, and not necessarily in their business model.

  • Gab – you can easily capture 95%+ of clicks via JS – no need to make it a redirect link.

    Just more effort that’s all πŸ™‚