The Guide to Canadian Citations for Local Search

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This article is part of a four-part series on International Citations.  Readers may also be interested in this post detailing the Local Search Ecosystem in Canada.

Experienced Local SEO’s no doubt already understand the tremendous importance of citations for ranking well in Local Search.  Below are my recommendations for where to acquire citations for Canadian businesses after a qualitative (though fairly extensive) review of results across a number of industries, provinces, and city sizes.  Additional valuable guides have been published by Jim Rudnick and Dev Basu.

Please note that ALL individual listings on now seem to display “Business listings distributed by ” at the bottom of each Listing Details page (here are a couple of examples) — so that’s where I’d start.  It appears that all that’s required is a business line registration with the Canadian Yellowpages.  Note that appears to be the same company & also frequently appears as a citation.

Probably needs no explanation. Sign Up Here

3) network
This standard, well-optimized business directory seems to appear awfully frequently, especially in less-competitive niches. Perhaps comparable to Marchex’s OpenList in the US. Sign Up Here

4) network
Similar to ShopinCanada and Marchex’s OpenList, each individual city in Canada (at least the major metropolitan areas) has its own directory.  Sign Up Here

Their interface looks a little dated, but apparently their information is pretty good…because it seems to show up quite a bit.  Sign Up Here — Update — Greg Sterling relayed today that CanPages has acquired ZipLocal.

The process for submitting to ZipLocal is a little convoluted, but you can visit their homepage and click “Add a Listing” in the footer.

Looks like a fairly new, but well-indexed, entrant in the Canadian Local Search space. Sign Up Here


The process for FoundLocally is a little easier, but you’ve got to find the proper city first.  Here’s a direct link for a Calgary business submission

Citation Sources not Specific to Canada

1) Yelp Canada
Probably doesn’t need a description…here’s where to sign up for Yelp for Canadian Business Owners

2) Canada
BBB requires an application for accrediation — fill one out by contacting their Vice President for Business Relations

3) Hotfrog Canada
Hotfrog got a somewhat surprising number of mentions in the recent Local Search Ranking Factors results. Here’s where to submit for Canada

Ahmed Farooq is well-known for his involvement in the Local SEO community & iBegin is a great place to submit your business listing (free of charge)

24 Responses to “The Guide to Canadian Citations for Local Search”

  1. Emad says at

    Hi David,

    Just wanted to let you know that weblocal .ca has been around for about 8 months and is a partnership between YellowBot and Transcontinental Media. If you’ve got any questions about, please feel free to send them over to me. :-)

  2. David Mihm says at

    Thanks for that Emad — looks like you guys have done a really nice job getting indexed…I saw plenty of citations across most geo areas in Canada.

  3. MiriamEllis says at

    Love the photo, David. This is a great post for all of our friends up North!

  4. Shagun Vatsa says at

    Hey David! This is a great compililation of Canadian citation sources in addition to what Dev had written. It’s good to see how the number keeps growing, providing more choices for Canadian businesses to get recognized.

  5. Stever says at

    Another is, but it seems you can’t submit there, supposedly there is a way to submit Canadian businesses through, which then feeds infoCanada, but I’ve not found the way. Another suggestion put forth was to submit to UBL, which feeds infoUSA, then feeding infoCanada, but the form for submitting in UBL, though the form says province/state in the drop down menu, no Canadian provinces are listed as options to choose. I sent them an email and they said they are working on it an expect to be taking Canadian listings by end of year.

    Seb Provencher at Praized media just launched, a localized social networking site. Pulling US data from Localeze and Canadian data from Is still in Beta.

    Another is Supposedly you can submit free business profiles but I can’t find where the submit is. Got an email out to them, will update when I find out.

  6. Dev Basu says at

    Thanks for the link David – I need to update my post on CDN citations as I’ve found a ton of them since I first wrote it. Check out Shagun’s blog as well because she’s extensively used Praized, Brownbook, and WebLocal.

  7. Stever says at is still in beta, they are however taking submissions by email.

  8. Jim Rudnick says at

    Great List David! As a company located in the Hamilton area, we know well how to SEO our clients locally, and your list is pretty complete too and we’ve added the few we’d not found to our internal listings!

    Muchly appreciated!



  9. Matthew P says at

    Most of the sites in this list implement Google Maps. Is it possible that the presence of GMaps have an equal influence on the Local business Listings as citations do?

  10. Jason Statler says at

    So many great sources and so easy! Thank-you!

  11. Steph Woods says at

    I’ve been loving all the work you’ve shared with us re: local search and citations. I’ve had a lot of American customers in the past and refer to your posts often. Many thanks. They’ve been very helpful.

    I was kind of sad when I was doing Canadian work the other day and discovered that most of the citations weren’t available for Canada. I happened to stumble upon this list today (looking for something entirely different) and am stoked once again. You rule!

    I plan on creating a list of Canadian citations myself soon, so I’ll be sure to include a link to this article.

  12. Richard Neuman says at

    I fully agree with Jim, Jason and the rest. A tremendous resource.
    Steph, I’ll keep an on your blog as well.

  13. tihami says at

    i am looking a tool for give the general idea and position about our local listing?
    any one can say me about the tool for Local listing like
    this tool only for US customers
    any other tool for uk and canada?

  14. Timmy says at

    Thanks for that Emad — looks like you guys have done a really nice job getting indexed

  15. Mitch says at

    Great article.

    It’s good to know what citations will do for a site!

  16. Jackson Lo says at

    Very useful list of Canadian directories.

    I’ve also got the same question tihami has and that’s if there is a similar tool like the site for Canadian businesses. I haven’t been able to find any.

  17. Owais Ahmed says at

    Another suggestion put forth was to submit to UBL, which feeds infoUSA, then feeding infoCanada, but the form for submitting in UBL, though the form says province/state in the drop down menu, no Canadian provinces are listed as options to choose.

  18. John Chartrand says at

    Great post. Now I have a good list for citations.

  19. Robert Secrest says at

    18. Hi there, You have done a fantastic job. I’ll definitely digg it and personally recommend to my friends. I’m sure they will be benefited from this website.

  20. Andrew Breen says at

    Great post. I’ve added these Canadian sources to my list.

  21. Calin Daniel says at

    Article = Great
    Info = Great
    Hockey image for Canadian post = Epic

  22. Andrew Forster says at

    Local Citation Research FTW. Great post – thanks!

  23. Lila Centre says at

    Hi David,

    thats a nice list to get started with but I was wondering if these were too few?? Are there more specifically for canada? If there are, how can we find them?

  24. Saif says at

    Hi David,

    I have submitted all the Local listings to above list. Do you think that this is enough to get in top 3 for Google maps ?

    Can you add some more sites which accept Canada listings?

    Thank you


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