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May 18th, 2009

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Google LBC Changes Now Showing Up INSTANTLY In Universal Search


I discovered this as I was making changes to my profile earlier today.  This is an amazing, amazing accomplishment by Google, and if it had to do with the downtime this weekend, it was well worth it.

It looks like a bunch of improvements have been made as a result of this update.  Nice going to everyone at Mountain View…WOW…hopefully this means better data sets are in our future also!

What I did:

4:45 pm Searched for “David Mihm Portland” to get the Authoritative OneBox for my business:

4:45 – 4:46 Changed my LBC URL to my SEOmoz Company Profile

4:47 Refreshed my search result and saw it had been updated.

4:47-4:54 Wrote this blog post

4:55 Changed my LBC URL back to

4:55 Refreshed my Search Result

  • This makes it possible for business to A/B test different homepageserhaps som. Pe days they can run a PPC landing page, other days a home page.

    Or if a small business is having a sale over the weekend they temporally promote it by running a new homepage to raise awareness.

  • It used to be a couple of hours for changes like that last I checked till March, but this is fantastic!

  • LJ

    Question from a newbie
    If my local business address is (my home) in Winchester CA – how can I create a listing that will show up in San Diego or LA?
    Do I need a landing page for each city?
    Can I use a UPS store or Postal Annex?
    Any help appreciated.
    Joe Kindred

  • I wonder if this would work for getting related maps to show up for an LBC listing. I have noticed that when an LBC listing is added to “My Maps” it may quickly show up under related maps on the listing, it may take months and it may never show up at all.

    Is there any consensus regarding “Related Maps” having any effect on LBC listing position, do they have any SEO value.

    Has anyone found any magic to make a “my maps” listing quickly or instantly show up as a related map.