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No. 55
December 10th, 2007

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Top Linkbuilding Takeaways – PubCon 2007

Jim Boykin:

  • To analyze the effectiveness of a page you’re getting a link on, check Yahoo Site Explorer or use MSN’s tools to determine if there are any inbound links to the EXACT page you’re hoping to receive a link from.
  • Visit this site to find result volumes (and by implication, difficulty of ranking) for particular keywords.

Greg Hartnett:

  • It is possible to get multiple links and deep site links to the same site from BOTW. Use this offering to get additional targeted pages to rank well beyond just your homepage.
  • Get your site listed in as many blog directories as possible.

Roger Montti:

  • To buy links, visit the blog directories Greg mentioned above and search for blogs with adsense units below the fold. This is an indication that the site owner is looking to monetize his/her blog, but those units are likely producing very few clicks. Offer a yearly amount because it will look like a larger chunk of change than a smaller amount split up on a monthly basis.
  • Great searches for prospective link opportunities are:
    • allintitle:”sponsors” –cpm your-keyword-here
    • “rate card” –cpm advertising your-keyword-here
  • Great searches for prospective site buys are:
    • “temporarily down for maintenance” your-keyword-here
    • “under construction” your-keyword-here
    • “© 2004” your-keyword-here
  • This will take a bit more work, but creating something really great could pay big benefits. See where it makes sense for you to submit your top content:
    • “site of the month” your-keyword-here
    • “site of the day” your-keyword-here
    • “site of the week” your-keyword-here

Aaron Wall:

  • Syndicate your content, where appropriate, onto other websites. This builds authority in your industry, sends traffic, and flows PageRank to your site.
  • Instead of buying links, barter. Give stuff away or give discounts on products to certain sectors (the latter is a particularly effective technique in the online education niche).
  • Why you should spend the extra money on a beautiful design: It builds credibility, and even an extra 1-2 links per month that you accrue as a result of this trust will pay for the additional up-front cost in the long run.
  • Blog about Google products & they might blog about you.
  • Create awards.
  • Have a great how-to article? Submit it to and get a few quality backlinks. They often insert these into their guides as well.
  • When evaluating directories, check the Google cache date—a recent one is a good indicator of credibility. An old one is a poor indicator of credibility.

Matt Cutts, via Rand Fishkin:

  • During its most recent update, Google did NOT reduce PageRank for ALL link sellers/link brokers. Doing so would have tipped them off, and the same brokers would have sprouted up with new networks once they were sure which of the old ones had been “outed.”
  • Google rarely, if ever, penalizes sites manually on a one-off basis. They instead prefer to adjust their algorithm to spot sites using similar techniques, as this is far more scalable.