The Coolest +Local Feature No One’s Noticed?

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Has anyone noticed this yet?

You can now review other businesses as a business on +Local.

This is going to make it much, much easier for small business owners to get off the block and get just a handful of reviews of their own business pages.  They’re just going to need a point in the right direction from the SEO community.

Awesome feature; way to go, Google +Local team!

23 Responses to “The Coolest +Local Feature No One’s Noticed?”

  1. justin says at

    Not yet. But that would be a major improvement for sure. Thanks for keeping us up to date on all the updates.

  2. David says at

    [quote] “This is going to make it much, much easier for small business owners to get off the block and get just a handful of reviews of their own business pages. They’re just going to need a point in the right direction from the SEO community.”

    Sorry to sound dense here David, but I don’t get it – you’re super-entrenched and expert in the local space so you know exactly what you mean and why this is cool, but could you go ahead and explain it as if I / we had no idea what this means, why it’s cool, and what to do about it as SEOs or small businesses?


  3. David Mihm says at

    One of the hardest things for business owners to do is to ask their clients for reviews. Asking for reviews from other business owners is much easier–they’re already in groups like Chambers of Commerce, Neighborhood Groups or…SEMpdx :)

  4. Rasmus Himmelstrup says at

    Nice find David. I agree with you that it is going to be much easier for companies to get reviews. Non-person/anonymous reviews are so much easier to get and to game. I am just waiting for the Zagat point system to be gained even further..

  5. Gareth says at

    Hi David, I notice on my Google Local page they have listings for all kinds of local restaurants, guesthouses, cafe’s, coffeeshops and even bridal shops. How do they decide what business types get listed? Can I get my web design business listed right on the first page?

  6. David Mihm says at

    Gareth, which page do you mean?

  7. Gareth says at

    When I log into my Google Plus account and click the new icon on the left titled ‘Local’ it takes me to a page within Google Plus with the title “Recommended Places near Cardiff” (my home city)

    Then it lists my local pubs, various restaurants, a takeaway, a guesthouse, a cafe bar, a coffee shop and a bridal shop. I understand the food places getting listed but the bridal shop seems a bit esoteric which made me wonder if I could get my own web design business listed on there too.

  8. David Mihm says at

    “Popularity” on Google Maps has historically been determined by Reviews & other activity around the web mentioning the business (checkins, online newspaper articles, etc., etc.). No reason to expect any different just yet although I’d imagine that +1’s and shares will play a larger role in which businesses get featured there going forward.

  9. Gareth says at

    David, I’m not referring to “popularity” per se, I’m wondering how they chose the specific TYPES of businesses they have listed on the Local page. Why a bridal shop? Is that the same for everyone? Does yours have a local bridal shop listed? I’m just trying to figure out if one day they might decide to list other business types too.

  10. David Mihm says at

    Gareth, I don’t think they types are constant. I don’t get the same types in Portland, Seattle, etc.

  11. Gareth says at

    I see. Presumably you’re getting restaurants and hotels though are you? What other business types are you getting there?

  12. David Mihm says at

    All restaurants and tourist attractions.

  13. Joy Hawkins says at

    Wow great find! I totally missed this. I’m going to try writing a couple reviews tomorrow from my work’s business page. Cool feature, I can see this working really well!

  14. James Norquay says at

    So many changes with Google Places, +Local ect

    This is an interesting change but in my eyes it will just leave people spamming, because think about it people who own another business will just go to a very high traffic location and start flooding it with reviews when they have never even had food and or been to the location.

    People use the same methodology with Facebook pages after they allows people to comment as pages on other pages they just come on and spam, I see this daily.

  15. Yousaf says at

    This together with their editing/reporting form is probably the best things I have noticed in the Google+ Local.

  16. Jo Shaer says at

    Yes, I saw that possibility here in the UK :) And I have finally managed to access my page thanks to the image you posted of Cari’s page and the more info link. Ta muchly :)

  17. Ella Rose says at

    Yeah. Doesn’t this provide opportunities for other businesses to fill high-traffic places with spam? Also, I gather a lot of people still don’t have Google+ accounts. Do they have to be registered to G+ to leave a review, or can they do it with just a Gmail account?

  18. Alisa says at

    Hi David, thanks for pointing this out. I have been busy surfing the net to find information for a client meet on Monday. I work for Think Big Online (we’re in Sydney, Australia– just a few miles from Portland!). One of our challenges is working with small businesses that don’t see what Google+ and social media can offer them. We have one fantastic client who could do so much through social but he feels the reviews are rigged and doesn’t want to even throw his hat in. Local is definitely going to help him see the power (feel the force!). Cheers, Alisa

  19. Andrew Huskinson says at

    ‘All restaurants and tourist attractions.’

    And these are there examples in the blog.

    How is a single trader or principal supposed to find the time to garner 20,000, local paper circulation, users in the Circles in order to get 100 jobs?

    The example of Cadburys hangouts is fine if you are a corporate with dedicated social staff, a product users are addicted to and access to Olympic athletes to front your hangouts.

    Where are the sort of features a manufacturing or physical services user needs, on which our economy depend?

  20. Andrew Forster says at

    Great tip. What about reviewing a business you’re doing active SEO for who provides your business with services, such as HVAC, cleaning, accounting etc. Is this frowned upon?

  21. John Wilson says at

    I dont understand.
    What is “my page”? My personal page, my business page?

    So, I think you say use my business to review another business?

    Really basic, step by step how is this done? Is it dangerous for me?

    I pass on it at this point.

    Thanks anyway

  22. Asher Elran says at

    Better make sure it is a good review then. A bad review for the wrong place and not only your own business can end up with a bad review from that business, but it is also easy to see if your business looks like it makes money and it is worth taking to court. If I was writing a review I would make sure the profile is not attached to my business in any way.

  23. Jonathan Jenkins says at

    Hi David,

    Thanks for the post, I understand if you aren’t moderating comments on this any longer, I think I’m a little late to the party!

    Does Google frown on reviews from businesses that have never actually purchased a product or service from the business being reviewed? For example, a review from the company that performs your SEO doesn’t seem exactly impartial.

    Either way, great post, I have clients who should be able to get reviews from vendors they work with, business connections, etc.


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