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July 22nd, 2011

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Quick Thoughts on the Cataclysmic Place Page Shift

Hey everyone,

I’m currently presenting at Expon Brasil & haven’t had a great chance to keep up with all the coverage.  Wanted to include some quick thoughts while I have internet access.  I’ll follow-up with a full post later today or tomorrow.

1) If you didn’t see this coming, you haven’t been paying attention.

2) My personal opinion is that citations will not diminish, at least in the short term, in importance for Google’s algorithm.  Particularly here in Brazil it’s amazing how reliant they are on sources beyond claimed Places.  They’ve just gone 100% of the way to obfuscating what those sources are.

3) Interesting timing, given all of the antitrust investigations happening right now.

  • Thanks for taking away from your Brazilian vacation write-off 😉

    For your points. I totally agree, esspecially in regards to citation listings. As for reviews, I am going to be interested to see what type of emphasis Google puts (for rankings) on its own reviews or if there will be any change to their current review algo over the new couple of months. Have fun and hit up a rodizio while you are down there for some roasted pineapple.

  • We have certainly noticed a major shift among our peer’s sites, but careful solid, ethical SEO practices (thorough citations, good link profile, excellent onsite, consistent fresh content) have kept all our client’s sites in good positions. We know of one guy that fell from page one to 20 in an hour, and can’t get it back up–we suspect some less than palatable practices were used, but who knows. Thanks for your thoughts.

  • Other than Yelp, the other business review sites should be begging Google to cite there reviews and link via places. I imagine that a lot of the review/biz directories get a lot of traffic form Google and as SBM’s get savior with internet they will push the review/biz directories down in the SERPs at least for there own names.

  • The reliance on Google reviews will cause a shift and some difficulties for positions reliant on Yelp reviews and other 3rd party platforms for their local SERP relevancy. But the main factors driving positioning are still in place and effective. I agree that most SMB local search marketers should’ve seen this coming as Google has been consolidating it’s services like this across the board. They do everything the best anyway so why not? 🙂