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December 15th, 2010

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Google HotPot Kiosks Spotted in the Wild at PDX

I’ve just returned to the beautiful City of Roses after a fantastic packed-house AZIMA event in Scottsdale last night.

On my way out of the airport terminal this morning, I noticed this kiosk:

I did not notice it on my departing flight (from the next gate over) yesterday, so it may have been installed overnight.  Regardless of the specific timing, Google is continuing its HotPot marketing blitz in our fair city, though judging by the lack of activity around this kiosk in particular, Portlanders seem pretty non-plussed about it so far.

In case the taglines aren’t legible, they read:

“Need an outlet for your opinions? Start rating.”

“Take charge of your opinions. Start rating.”

“Plug in. Rate on.”

Apologies for the poor quality of these photos, but I’m waiting for the Apple-Verizon deal to go through before upgrading to an iPhone!

  • Good find – thanks.

    Did the kiosk have any functionality (ability to ‘plug in’, etc) or was it simply an ad for HotPot?

  • @ted, yes there were actual plugs (I think you can see them if you click on the photos and blow them up to full size).

  • Nicely spotted – I have never seen anything like it around here. Airports though are a good place to start..Now we just need the same across the globe, so that Hotpot can be useful.

  • wonder how long the spam/scam crews will take to hack the GUI and start spamming their own reviews now directly “in” to the G index….

    so next time I’m in an airport I’ll look for the dude holed up in a corner, furiously typing in his reviews while WiFi-ing into that portal….

    …sigh…does sound interesting tho….but I do wonder at the correctness of same….



  • Just like some of the things I’ve done with clients (such as rate-us cards, etc) the issue here is their passive nature and public awareness. When my clients ignore my advice and just put their rate-us cards on the counter for people to pick up “if they want to,” nobody does. However, if they actually engage with people and ask for a review, they get quite a few. I suspect kiosks will not improve HotPot rating frequency that much. Google has also said in the past that multiple reviews from a single IP address are a signal that they don’t like to see… (which nixed ideas for in-restaurant ratings kiosks/netbooks I had been pushing earlier) so how will the kiosks get around that? Whitelist?

  • That’s really cool what they’re doing, but from reading what their goal is, I’m not to excited about it. But we’ll see how they do…

  • just wanted to wish you a Happy Canuck New Year, David….hope it’s a great 2011 for you and yours, eh!

    and keep on blogging, eh….the info I’ve learned here from you is like going to every SEO conference and seminar all at the same time….so thanks for the education too!



  • What a cool ad approach. Really grasps the user. (and gives them the much wanted airport plug 😀 ) There has been tons of sighted Google ads out there now, wonder if they’re pushing due to a loss of market share from Bing/Yahoo.

    This also reminds me of that prime number ad they used back in 2004 to hire the “smartest” people. Something like “first 10 digit prime number of e” I think.

  • I don’t think they will give up on this… it’s just too important to have reviews generated to make ‘Places’ credible over the competition.
    I suspect we’ll see an even larger push as the year progresses.
    Andy 🙂

  • Wow, Good find. It seems like this may be more then just another Google experiment.

  • I suspect we’ll see an even larger push as the year progresses.